Porch is Ready: Conversations with Eileen Day 20

Tuvia was lazer-focused on moving the porch furniture into their spring/summers places yesterday.  I was grateful but not quite ready to celebrate  season with dinner outdoors.

But this morning when I was on my own and getting set for my guitar lesson I couldn’t help but stop dead in my routine tracks to add the Circle of Life candle to the table as an annual ritual and then catch the morning light for the first photo of porch summer. By now,  in this period of mourning your loss I remembered a photo where you sat in the exact chair on the right, enjoying my Nyack space.

So I searched my digital photo libraries, my external backup for that pic and so  far, nothing.  But you know that I won’t give up yet and even though there’s a placeholder in this post, I will be happy to add an older one from times when we could talk together without a thought that our opportunities were numbered.

I can’t help but think about those close to me who could be gone before me.  I keep living in the present with thoughts of an endless tomorrow… that’s the best way to live, right?

I am so happy that my conversations with you are inspiring Andy to get his feelings down too. It was good to talk with him and know that your resting space is good for him too.

More tomorrow,


LATE BREAKING NEWS: I DON’T GIVE UP and now at 8 PM I can move on 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Porch is Ready: Conversations with Eileen Day 20

  1. So glad you found it! It is so frustrating when you can mentally visualize the picture but can’t put your finger on it immediately. I can only imagine how it feels to gaze on this photo and know that time together was ticking away. It’s a good photo, she looks like she wants to say “Stop with the camera already and just sit down and chat.”

    • Ha, I don’t have a lot of Eileen in pics. She was not an easy subject 🙂 but it was a great search, mucking around in my photo past.

  2. I knew you’d find it…perfect coda to the post. I also love the circle of life…which is the journey we are on, all of us.

    • I have so many external hard drives and disks that it takes time to unearth what I want. It was a wonderful walk in the past today. 🙂
      I agree…but loss scares me.

  3. Really sweet, Bonnie. I’m glad too that you found your friends pic on the deck.

  4. I am SOOOO glad I hit pay dirt before 1am 🙂

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