My 92nd St. Y Ladies: Conversations with Eileen,Day 21


Morning Friend,

There’s a digital story I’m dying to write and I have to do it quickly, while most of the group is still here.  I have been thinking about this piece and collecting and documenting a lot of our time together in video and photos and sadly, we don’t really get together very much anymore and we are not all here anymore. Husbands are gone, Florence has passed and there’s a physical fragility and a general sadness for the newly single.

If I learned anything over this past year was taking advantage of the  time we had to spend with you face-to-face and on the phone, continuing our relationship and building on my connection with Andy and giving Tuvia and role with both of you that allowed him to feel comfortable and professionally needed.
As I grabbed pics of you, I grabbed pics of them and yes, I could have started the piece that I need to create for them, but I didn’t.

I will, I will.

Time is not limitless, even though it’s better to live in the moment but not totally right?  You lived in the moment and planned for the end and that was good for those you would be leaving.  I watch Hilda trying to stand on her own and because Norman left abruptly she had so much to do and so much to adjust to.  I to call and offer dinner time.  Pay back to a good friend who was always there for me when I was new to this area.

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4 thoughts on “My 92nd St. Y Ladies: Conversations with Eileen,Day 21

  1. very well said. there is really no time like the present, that why they call it the present. each moment is a gift. a new opportunity.

  2. In both photographs, everyone looks so directly at the camera…so present, to use your word. That is a gift, you know, to be present…to know that each day is a gift, and days with those we love especially so. I am traveling to Purchase in a few moments to see my son- who is grappling with the inability to understand this fully, even though he is twenty today, and talented and a beautiful soul….I would like a picture of him looking at the camera this way, enjoying his life, living and being present….

  3. I would love to hear that he is engaged in enjoying his moments. But I remember college. It was a challenge. I was so self-indulgent.
    My buds are great and I did start writing a piece for them.
    I’m so rich in friends

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