Off to Dover: Conversations with Eileen Day 22

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Nighty Night Friend,

I am vegging in front of the TV watching American Idol.  I bet you never watched this show and I stayed away for the first 7 years but then Amanda had a friend in the top 10 and one thing led to the next, and yes, I’ve been a fan ever since.  Hell, I even vote!

But this is just what I need tonight after a full day of driving and working at Dover Middle School.  It’s still great.  A great group of teachers who appreciate what I bring to them: literacy strategies and opportunities to be challenged as teacher-writers.  We have this group window of opportunity ironically because of the high stakes ELA tests that suck up school  four mornings, imagine.  Our IC group work for the 8th grade gets the rest of the day to move projects along 🙂

Yesterday, after I posted my conversation Day 21,  I had the great pleasure to do something very nice for Tuvia.  Just a push here and there through the magic of email and since his son’s divorce and Tuvia’s loss of his daughter-in-law, Zehava has  been a torment to Tuvia.   I drop an email every now and then hoping she will be ready to meet for lunch, or just a coffee but after a surprise phone message to us as Passover started, I shot out another email.  Her initial response was the same but then a few days later she reconsidered.

Yes, we met for lunch yesterday and Tuvia was so happy to be with her. Me too!  That’s always an issue with divorce.

The door is open now.  A good thing, don’t you think?  Maybe something like a door opening for Andy with his sister.




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2 thoughts on “Off to Dover: Conversations with Eileen Day 22

  1. And I am vegging too as I watch American Idol while playing Draw Something with several people on the iPad. Glad you had a good day in the school.
    Opening communication with the ex is an interesting twist to relationships. That’s what makes the divorce so awful when you are connected to someone. Good night!

  2. Hi Bonnie, I haven’t seen what you were up to for a while, & now see that you are continually busy with something! Those middle school kids are so cute-dear to my heart! And, happy for you & Tuvia that you could make some connection with the ex daughter-in-law. I expect she misses you both too, & didn’t quite know what to do with those feelings. Best to you in that.

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