One Month: Conversations with Eileen Day 24

Hi my Friend,

It was a very long and strange day today.  Actually it’s been a strange month for me.  The first month without you.

In the sunshine of the morning I got to the gym, observed my student teacher, spent time conferring with my HVWP leadership team.  They asked how I was dealing with my  loss and I was honest- it’s harder than I expected it would be but I don’t have too much to add to that yet.

Friends continue to be kind and sensitive and understanding, especially when I lose my mojo and I sink into a couch or a bed.

It was an unexpected day for a ride up to Ellenville to have dinner with my parents and Marla and Jeff and pass by your roads, Andy’s roads and not be able to stop.

I hold Andy and Jenny and Kevin deep in my heart as I remember how much they all mattered to you, especially now that Jenny is pregnant.  I so want to know that baby.

I wondered about Andy and what he was doing today but we couldn’t stop. Damn!

A hard day today and even though I was in the world,  you easily distracted me.

Rain’s coming tomorrow. We need it,



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3 thoughts on “One Month: Conversations with Eileen Day 24

  1. rebecca burdett

    Thinking of you, Bonnie.

  2. You have such good people around you in your life. I’m glad you are getting the support and understanding from them. There will be these days,”A hard day today and even though I was in the world, you easily distracted me.” You are in my thoughts.

  3. Your post today, Bonnie, is like a quick phone call to Eileen, saying sorry I can’t stop-other plans today-will catch you later. So sweet. I hope you get your rain. We need it too, but not in our forecast, unfortunately. Thinking of you!

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