Rainy Sunday: Conversations with Eileen Day 26

Wow, what’s going on with me? Another evening for writing,

We are just about to begin a new 60 Minutes episode on what happened with Leaman Brothers and then I need to get myself up and move into a small room to play guitar for my lesson tomorrow.  I HAVE TO! 

Rain today but we were out.  Yes, the the weathermen did warn us that it would be bad but probably not until later. It’s still not bad yet. Now they are predicting the bad storms will arrive late tonight.  Tuvia doesn’t ever believe it until he sees it.

So we spent the afternoon at movie.  That’s me and Tuvia and a full theater filled with lots of kids and parents, but mostly kids complete with popcorn and soda and candy and they were good.  We were good and we all loved the Disney Chimpanzee film.  I did nod out at just wrong moment, when Oscar’s mom was taken away(killed) by the rival chimp group. But that was all I missed and Tuvia was sweet to fill me in that it wasn’t bloody.

We both loved it.  A movie ,narrated by Tim Allen, but the story was actually written from what really happened with the chimps. When Oscar’s mom passes, he is abandoned and keeps looking for a foster parent and the unusual happens, he is embraced by the alpha male of the tribe, the head chimp.  It’s hard to believe we weren’t looking at humans but then they are our ancestors, right?

4:00 PM and it was raining but Tuvia was not ready to return home so, instead we went for a drink and an appetizer at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants. Romantic 🙂

Back home, I got to take care of New Paltz business, some work that I have left for way too long, but my energy is on the rise 🙂

So another week begins tomorrow.  What will it bring?

I did have a wonderful Skype conversation with my tech/administrator buddy at HF and she is dealing with the new reality that Cuomo pressured on everyone.  School budgets have to focus their budgets on paying for new inaccurate ways to make sure teachers are doing their job.  Sad, it might be cheaper to join me with a few video cameras, oh well.  How long will we have to torture teachers with reform?

That’s enough shop for one night…

Stay warm and dry, my friend,


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2 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday: Conversations with Eileen Day 26

  1. I wondering about the chimp movie. Jane Goodall was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night, and she said that all proceeds from the first week of the movie go to her foundation (or somehow to benefit the chimps.) So that’s great that your movie ticket also went to a (hopefully!) good cause. Take care.

  2. It’s wonderful Lynn and thanks for the information. That makes it even better. I saw Jane and the film makers on Morning Joe.

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