Thinking Classroom:Conversations with Eileen Day 25

Another Night Write with You,

I can’t stay away.  Last night, on the way home from a dinner with my parents and coffee with Jeff and Marla, to stay awake, I shared some of what I hope to see when I work with student teachers; what warms the lens of my video camera when I work with great teachers.

The challenge is to put into layman’s words what excites me.  No, the kind of teacher I love was not me, not for years. Maybe in the last chapter of my career I started to see the light, to move out of the center, to find ways for students to work with difficult texts, making meaning and thinking deeply and maybe even caring about what we worked on.

I didn’t have my own classroom when I found myself with Sheridan Blau and his work with literacy.  Just his introduction left me weak at the knees and then I started reading his lessons, the literature he used and how he allowed his students to muck around around, make meaning and have their own ahhhsss…

He was the facilitator!

I did get to watch him do this at a workshop day we offered and he was great but that day that I opened his book and read that introduction.  WOW!

Last night, I explained that to Tuvia on the way home and as he asked for details, I kept suppling them and he understood and we were home in record time.  No need to stop for coffee that our usual rest stop.

I know you are smiling now, remembering these moments of my ecstasy.

I’m smiling right back.

Love you,



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2 thoughts on “Thinking Classroom:Conversations with Eileen Day 25

  1. I’ve been reading, but not always commenting, on your posts. I love them. They are intimate, and yet far-reaching, and I can almost hear the replying voice of your friend. What a great way to preserve her voice and friendship. And here, you write about the book and moment that changed something in you as a teacher — again, very powerful, Bonnie.
    (And it reminds me: I read and reviewed The Moment, which you recommended to me.

  2. Thanks Kevin,
    I wonder sometimes if they are too private. Thanks for you vote of confidence. I remember that’s book. It’s now an e book and I just downloaded it. Maybe great text for digital stories.


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