Dreary Again: Conversations with Eileen Day 27

Gloomy Greetings to YOU:)

There’s nothing you can do about gloom, right?  It hangs on you like  a loose but heavy winter coat.You can go about your day and ignore the clouds, or even embrace them. Boy, did we need the rain and there could be rare moments of sunshine but still gloom.

Tuvia, who is never here on a Monday ,did what he needed to do with his work,schedule,  to free up his afternoon and we were off to a Monday afternoon movie and we were not alone. Of course, most of our group, like us, don’t work full time anymore. Think about it, 2:30 on a Monday.

My Australia, is an Israeli film that’s  part  of the annual Jewish FIlm Festival at the Jacob Burns Center.

Two young boys grow up in Poland believing that they are Catholic. They even participate in some “good fun”, beating up Jewish kids in a neo-Nazi group and they are caught and taken to jail,  But their mom is resourceful and can tell a good tale and gets them out.  The truth is told and they are off to Israel, even though the younger son, the center of the movie dreams of life in Australia.

Nope, it’s Haifa for them, in fact, it’s a kibbutz for the boys while their mom makes the transition.

What a great start but the focus is off.  The boys are uncircumcised and that becomes their fear factor of being found out to be a gentile (not really).  Instead, the great issue might have focused around their initial feeling about Jews and learning something about their mom’s experience as a Holocaust survivor.  Nope we didn’t go there.

So it was a nice way to spend an hour and a half and it was a nice ride back home and even with the clouds still all around us, we still had each other and Tuvia could recommend some eye drops for my stuffed head.

So it could be gloomy again tomorrow and gloomy makes it hard to get moving but hey, seeing a nice movie hid those clouds for a few hours.

Remember those cloudy days, my friend? What did you do?


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