Inspired by a Rich Yesterday: Conversations with Eileen Day 30

Just before sleep friend,

Mornings are not the spring for inspiration in the last few days, so I write when I sit down and demand the time to root myself with you.

I’m sure that  you can see me walking around an elementary school, smiling at the sweet innocence of very young learners.  I think most of the kids I watched, almost mowed down, were K-3.  I watched some race to familiar teachers they needed to hug hello.  I was lost and walked Duzene Elementary School from one end to the other.  Always good to get to a strange place early :).  Some were in the cafeteria and you know, it didn’t smell bad,but no time for a snack.  I was meeting Andy for lunch at the Main Course.  I was on a schedule to work with my buddy Rebecca who is a star in this mix.  We were wrapping up the filming for a video of her work over time.  I would be watching and taping her conversation with the very kids she has worked with during her summer programs.  I was itching to push them for more details, but this was Rebecca’s home.  I was the observer.

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Done and time to spare.  It was 12:30 as I hit the red right on Rt 32, just about to make the turn and on my left strolled Andy.  We waved and he was off to get his car and get to lunch early. Cold and rainy, no interest in leisurely enjoying the porch tables.  But inside it was quiet and we picked a small table near a window in the front.

As we sat across from each other, it was a new experience.  You were missing and Andy said it out loud and we ordered and ate together and shared we where we were now and Andy shared things about you that I knew and didn’t and responded to my questions about Jenny who is on my mind and his of course.  I wish I knew Jen better as an adult.  I wish I had had her in class when I could have… move on.  No regrets, right?  I know her well through you and maybe now through Andy and I’m hoping I know the baby too. Hoping.

It was good to get to know Andy.  I am rooting for him to keep you and move ahead with his life.  I hope we stay connected somehow.  That’s for the future.  For now, I know that he will read this.

And I’m going to share an old moment in time. This photo freezes my first big party when I turned 50. Remember?  What do you remember about this event?  I remember that we didn’t talk much because I was on stage as the star of the day and seems like you were at a good table.  I didn’t know Jim then but I was thrilled to invite him with Jenny.  I wonder what they remember about this day? Andy?  Do you remember anything?  I loved the day, because it was mine.


LOVED IT!  Even if it was the first day of rain during a summer with no rain in July or August before the 7th.  How could I complain that a small version of the band couldn’t be outside on the wrap-around deck for appetizers.  Not complaining…really!

Back to the present…. I had another big event and I started rethinking my plan to remain in New Paltz and attend the Student Teaching Seminar.   As I sat across from Andy, I hatched a crazy idea to drive back home, take a nap, shower, dress, and get back in the car and drive back to up the Thurway and stop in Newburgh for a dinner honoring Tom Meyer, my HVWP buddy for all this time. Honoring Tom as he steps up to accept an award for his Educational Leadership.

I was proud to be with him,proud to be his friend.

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All of this you know about. You have been right with me with all these passions and friendships.  I’m just adding to the foundation. What do you think?

That’s all for now friend. Tuvia just waved good-night reminding me there’s a place for me when I’m ready to join him.



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2 thoughts on “Inspired by a Rich Yesterday: Conversations with Eileen Day 30

  1. What a rich life you lead…connected to so many good people doing good work, and collecting the rewards of friendships nourished by time and attention. You are blessed, my friend, in no small part because you invest so much joy and energy in the life you have. Very inspiring, indeed…and, what a glamorous shot of you!

  2. What a wonderful comment Tara. Good to have you in my circle of friends.

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