Sneaking in the last one: Conversations with Eileen Day 31

Just before dawn my friend,

Officially I missed the deadline for day 31 but what’s  few hours between friends. I know that you would never stand on ceremony.

As you know, I work well under my own guilty conscience. Usually that includes dieting, getting things done and definitely practicing guitar.  Yesterday I tortured myself before I picked myself off the couch and walked to the back of the house as Tuvia snoozed and set everything up for me and my guitar.

I had a few setbacks.  First I had to search around for my glasses, for my tuner and finally when I sat down I was rooted beyond my expectations.  I can’t say it was pretty at first but lately I’ve been trying hard to slow everything down and just work on small spots first.  I just needed to make some music, hear something almost beautiful that came from me. I kept the door shut but somehow Tuvia opened it when I wasn’t looking.  He believes that I need to play, that he can feel a change in me after I’ve practiced.

Yesterday I stayed with it.  Lesson coming Monday is Jon is feeling better.  But it’s just wonderful to relieve my guilt. And my playing for the day after that hour of practice was over.  On Friday nights after a lovely dinner with Ami, Adi, Mia and Mihael, after dessert and conversation I take out my guitar and Mihael takes out his and we play short tunes from his book.  He puts me in the same category as his teacher. How sweet and what a way to build confidence and take my guitar social.  Playing with a 7-year-old is truly heaven.  Were you listening?

So let’s say yesterday was guitar day and yes, a good day on the scale- 4 1/2 pounds are gone and let’s hope I can keep them off and lose more.  Weight it’s a funny thing.  The object for most of us is to lose it until the objective changes. My mom lost 20 pounds in the last month.  Not good!  You, came back to life when you got your appetite back…me, I’m still obsessed with losing.

Enough about weight!  Today in a few hours I’ll be back on the highway zooming up to meet with our HVWP Tech Team and then back home for lunch with Tuvia and then off to a movie at the Burns for another piece that’s part of the Jewish Film Festival. Fingers crossed on that one.

I don’t know that I will get to my guitar today, but I should even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Just to break through a pick it up and strum and maybe some magic will happen.  I can make it sing with me.  I waited a long time to be able to say that.

Monday night I get to see my inspiration play his guitar…but let’s leave that for now. Tuesday is for David.

Sleep well,


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3 thoughts on “Sneaking in the last one: Conversations with Eileen Day 31

  1. Hi Bonnie, I finally found time to read your recent posts. It’s great you found time for lunch with Eileen’s husband, Andy, to keep that connection in the midst of what sounds like a very busy life. As usual with you, I enjoyed seeing your photos. They tell a good story, too. Have a good weekend!

  2. Your letters to Eileen have really reminded me how important it is share what we are thinking with our friends. It’s so easy to get wrapped up with the day-to-day business of working and living that we can forget to share what we are thinking and hoping. While I didn’t know Eileen, her legacy has already inspired me to try to write – keep in touch – and stay closer – to others.
    PS I haven’t heard anything about the summer writing project yet – but don’t worry – I haven’t given up 🙂

  3. A good guitar day. Keeping up with your weight loss regimen. Enjoying the film festival. I’d say things are looking up!

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