A Full Weekend: Conversations with Eileen Day 32

Hi Friend,

Looks like night time has become my time for our “conversations”.

A busy weekend on cool but sunny end of April.

Up and down the Thruway to kick off Saturday for an HVWP Tech Team meeting with teachers who showed up for the pleasure of working with other teachers who came to write together and share their latest classroom experiments with technology.  And thanks to Andy who shared a link to a Gail Collins NY Times op ed article about the issues of politicians and corporations in education, we had some juicy responses.

Thanks Andy.

We were 5 strong!  Small group but then it is the end of April and there’s lots to keep others from attending. We just embrace those who can join in.  It’s always worth that early morning drive.

By noon I was back in my car with a fresh cup of coffee and lunch back home to share with Tuvia before we get back in a car to leave for a Burns movie. The sunshine made it easy to enjoy the ride back home.

The movie was a bust but good company, but it was disappointing.  Good thing we are patient with the ones that just don’t have everything.

Back home we are hooked on a TV series, The Good Wife.  I’ve tired tuning in in the last few years, but finally, after last week’s 4 season episode, we found our way to returning to start of the show, season 1 and so far, wow is it good. So much better than the movie we sat through yesterday.

It’s just the high’s and low’s of a usual day, right?

Miss your responses,


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