What’s New Today?: Conversations with Eileen Day 36

Hi friend,

There’s no let up on the rain and dreary weather and I don’t know about you, but it’s a challenge to overcome this mood.  We were supposed to meet good friends for dinner but Michael has a mom in the hospital and he had to  postpone.  Seems like that’s part of life these days.  Things get in the way and the we just move around events on the calendar and if you have all your mobile devices in the Cloud, you make one change and you are up-to-date everywhere.  I don’t remember the last time I kept my life on a real  calendar.  Tuvia still has his.

I could have stayed inside but Tuvia pushed me out to our neighborhood Golden Mushroom and I didn’t complain.  It was good to take on the outside.

Today, no guilt.  I did everything I needed to do.  NO GUILT!  Ahhh… Love that: guitar, exercise, work on my new video piece, reading, a bit of eating and lots of silence in my apartment.

And tonight, American Idol results.  You  probably never watched American Idol but me, I’m still with it until it ends and that could be soon.  Seems like there are so many of these shows that it’s getting a bit old.

I need to sun for my writing inspiration.  Good thing this isn’t the norm.

Fingers crossed,


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2 thoughts on “What’s New Today?: Conversations with Eileen Day 36

  1. I’ve had a friend come into town, so have to catch up again, Bonnie. I love both these last posts, even though you say it’s difficult with the cloudy/moody weather & we would love some of that sent west. I’m glad you loved your concert, & see a good moment with the washer & dryer. And I love that your friends are your limbs! This friend in town goes back to our college days, a long time ago, & it was so good to be with him, to see him with my husband, who loved the visit too. It’s good to appreciate the important things in our lives. Beautiful photo above!

  2. Loved the photograph, too! Rainy days are days for contemplation, don’t you think? I’m contemplating joy in the fact that testing is over, resignation in the fact that today will be spent shepherding Scott through some routine but necessary doctor’s appointments, delight in that those appointments will give me time to finish Anthony Shadid’s memoir finally….and, also NO GUILT ! Which means…no tackling of laundry or housework until tomorrow! Enjoy Idol…I’m hoping to catch the Red Sox play this evening, and display SOME sign of hope.

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