Saturday,Sunday, No Complaints Allowed: Conversations with Eileen Day 37

Yes, it’s true my friend, I did skip a day or two. I didn’t feel I had anything new to share.   Although just in the process of thinking and writing, magic does happen pretty regularly . I suppose I needed sunshine and warmth to get my mojo working

Yesterday we were off, back to Princeton to celebrate  Steve’s 30th surprise birthday and get a chance for our family to meet his as the wedding plans take shape. As we sat around our table for the afternoon, before most of the guests arrived we tried to remember our 30th birthdays.  I’m pretty sure I was in Israel just beginning my year in Arad but I have no clue as to how I actually celebrated the big day, the move into a new decade.  My brother, Marla were better at it.  Tuvia just smiled.

As Steve’s family arrived and claimed most of the tables I felt so good for Amanda to have another chance at this marriage business.  Steve’s family is from Ecuador and once they dumped the house music for real dance music, the floor filled with couples and dancing began. Amanda has a guy who can DANCE!

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Today it was equal time for the Rosenbergs.  With sunshine and patience we made our way to Hoboken for the May street fair and Mihael’s choral debut with a group of 8 kids singing some rock standards. Of course it took longer to drive in and out of Hoboken, and find a parking spot but it was good to be even more family and another chance for celebration. Seems like I need lots of opportunities to celebrate. Tomorrow I get to celebrate with a friend who has been a awarded a Fulbright to Finland.

But right now its good to be writing at Tuvia’s kitchen table as he grabs s few winks.  Dinner ‘s on me tonight.  Of course, you are always welcome.  How does Bone Fish Grill sound?



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One thought on “Saturday,Sunday, No Complaints Allowed: Conversations with Eileen Day 37

  1. Bonnie, sounds like such a nice and easy weekend. I liked seeing the pictures, of everyone enjoying themselves, and the one with you in it!

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