Blocks?: Conversations with Eileen Day 38 SOLCT

Morning Friend,

I really can’t get to writing right now. So I’m just laying down my marker to return when I observe my student teacher this morning.  I’ll be home quickly.  The school’s just down the road 🙂 and it’s my last one for the semester. (No  comment)

Back on the couch there’s a lot of things around me as I get to working on my latest digital project. Of course I did need a few day s to stall before I plunged in but yesterday, with large blocks of time, I did use it to think, to listen to my videos and to take myself on a slide show of the library of photos I amassed of  young kids playing/creating community  with blocks.

I’ll be back…

Back much later.  I was unprepared for the ending to my last student teaching session.  I was speechless as I watched my student teacher walk away from me in a strange rudeness I’ve never known and didn’t know what to do with.  When I got home, that’s what I had to take on, to write about and share with my Student Teacher Director bud.  This was new territory.  Uncomfortable territory, but with collaboration we are bringing the experience to an end.  I’m done!

Of course it was comforting to have Tuvia join me with warm Chinese food from our favorite take-out post. And then we were off to a movie just over the bridge and on Tuesday’s it was free 🙂 So even though is was just okay it didn’t matter.  Just an hour and 1/2 of our time even if it needed more character depth.  I got it.

Home and making sense of something way beyond me.

I wonder what you would have added to the conversation?


PS Tomorrow I have a new Broadway show to share.  I was hoping for great, but just got a solid good.

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