No Love, Just Like :( Conversations with Eileen Day 39

Morning Friend,

Still no sunshine to flood the room as the day kicks off but I am so motivated to write today :).  Yesterday night was Broadway for me.  A rare event lately and I was filled with excitement and high expectations.  James would be meeting me at the theater after his school rehearsal of Our Town at Spence School with his troupe of girls.  Performances a week from today and he was down with a cast who had checked out.  I tried hard to remind him that it was just part of the process. (Remember?)  But  James can’t see the whole right now. He’s living in it.  Tuvia and I will be there and I’m more excited about that opening than what we saw last night.

Peter and Starcatcher at the Brooks Atkinson on 47th St.

I drove in early just in case there might be some traffic.  None! I walked a bit in the short bit of late afternoon sun and found an easy spot close to the theater.  I had my iPad with a book I’m enjoying and for a mere $17.95 I could munch on a variation of my Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad and stay nicely in the boundaries of my latest diet. (Yes, I’m back on the wagon once again and losing :))

James was racing from his rehearsal and  we met at the theater right on time.  We had seats in the mezzanine and both of us were ready for a great show.  The stage looked very cool with just a few props and a cool bit of artwork added to the proscenium.

We were so up for a great show, so ready.

Lights faded to black and back up for the troupe: a group of scruffy men and one young woman who will take us on an adventure on a cargo ship called The Neverland, to the island where it all begins and one of the scruffy young orphans is the soon-to-be, one and only, Peter Pan, mentored by the precocious young woman/mom, Molly.

On the ship for Act One, the cast gets creative with just a few props to keep us engaged.  And we are, for most of the act, but for me, it’s taking too long.  I’m ready for the island a good 15 minutes before we actually dock.

I love the ensemble, led by my guy from Smash, Christian Borle. But as James observed, this is an English play filled with lots of English jokes and while I got most of them I wondered just who is this play for?  Not kids.  Way to talkee and while I did appreciate the creative energy of the piece, I think it would have been better served to leave it in the off-Broadway house where it started.  It calls for the intimacy of say, The Fantasticks and I needed more magic, more costumes, a more visual transformation for Peter.

I read the reviews- excellent and watched interviews with the writers and director.  I was ready to love it, really.  But I don’t feel ripped off.  James got the tickets at a very reasonable price but sorry, I can’t rave about it and I wanted to.

It was great to end the evening over coffee at one of the nearby Starbucks, ripping it down and building it back up with my theater buddy, James.  That was probably the most fun of the evening.

I can’t wait until next week. Our Town, directed by James Coleman.

I’m confident that you didn’t miss anything my friend,




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2 thoughts on “No Love, Just Like :( Conversations with Eileen Day 39

  1. Hi Bonnie, it seems that you’ve been busy with going places, immersed in drama both on & off the stage. Hope it all works out with the student teacher. My school’s play is tonight & I’m looking forward to it. We have a long-time teacher/director who does fabulous things with the students’ talents. This time, they’re performing Seussical. I’m looking forward to it, & what you say about Our Town next week!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Somehow I missed SOLT but I tried making up a bit. I spent so much of my school life in our auditorium directing plays and my friend James in a kindred spirit who is finally getting ready to retire but he has Our Town and probably Midsummer for his last year. We have been theater colleagues for years and it’s been great to work in very different schools for the experiences. Let me know how your school show goes,

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