The Avengers and Some Love from Tuvia: Conversations with Eileen Day 42

May 21, 2o12

Morning Friend,

Looks like some rain and chill coming today.  Nothing like keeping us guessing. But yesterday and Saturday were perfect for a weekend in May and we took advantage and lived outside  until yesterday at 4, when  we moved indoors for a movie.

It was totally and completely my pick.  Tuvia was officially just along for the ride and it was a bumpy one for him at that.  He was only there for me and for the first 30 minutes, maybe more, if Tuvia had looked really miserable, I would have given him the look and we would both have been out and on our way to dinner.  But I didn’t say a word:  I was  just sitting and waiting for the place I’d start enjoying it.

I’m not sure how I felt about the movie.  I loved the climax, but the devastation of NYC even if it was make-believe was too violent for me.  It was generally too violent for me.  But I did enjoy the group of actors taking up the roles of the Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Ironman of course, etc.  But I didn’t join the crowd at the end of film with a burst of applause.  I couldn’t.

I was distracted throughout most of it, wishing I was spending time with a film with more meat on the bone.

But give it up to Tuvia for sitting patiently, waiting for the end and our romantic dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

He is good, really good to me.

TIme for some cereal,


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One thought on “The Avengers and Some Love from Tuvia: Conversations with Eileen Day 42

  1. Well…you sat through “The Grey”….right?! But Tuvia’s is really a dear, and I’m glad there was a romantic dinner to serve as a salve.

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