Teachers, Tell Your Stories: Conversations with Eileen Day 43 & SOLT

Morning Friend and Slicers,

I am still thinking about the workshop I recently presented for the Hudson Valley Writing Project’s Orientation,  preparing our upcoming Summer Institute #12 Cohort.  Coincidentally, I was also in the process of working on my long over-due documentary video focusing on the great summer program that Rebecca Burdett, a HVWP teacher consultant has been leading for four summers.

The week before, during the first Orientation session the group watched a TED talk focusing on the dangers of  one story fits all. Here it is if you haven’t seen it:

I don’t know that I would have pushed myself to finish my video but connecting Rebecca’w work in this era of one story fits all teachers told by politicians, businessmen and the media, fueled my usual procrastination to keep working for Saturday and beyond.

And this morning, thinking more about how teachers can tell their own stories I read that Bill Gates has been working on helping us improve by moving away from high stakes tests ( wasn’t he a champion for “the test”?) and focusing on teacher evaluations.


I thinking too about a post that Ruth shared yesterday on sharing your story.

We have power now in telling our own stories. Who knows what you do in your classroom?

I’m fired up and ready to create more pieces 🙂 In fact my camera is charged and ready to capture more teacher stories today at Dover Middle School.


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9 thoughts on “Teachers, Tell Your Stories: Conversations with Eileen Day 43 & SOLT

  1. Bonnie, you do such great videos to raise awareness of what’s happening in classrooms. You tell the story through your camera lens, that is a talent I wish I had. Hope you had another great day of filming.

  2. So great that you’re doing this, Bonnie. My colleagues that I shared the block story/summer program video with loved it, as did I. Thank you!

  3. Wow…so much to take in, Bonnie! I just loved that first TED video…I played it over and over again, listening to the shape of that story about the power of many stories, and then listened to yours over and over again, too. That connection between building and writing…how awesome is that?! Who knows what I do in my classroom? Sometimes, not even I! There is the synergy of a teaching moment that is so hard to capture in words….you know, how a question or comment can lead a whole room of kids and teacher into a wonderful learning experience? Sometimes, I think what I love most about teaching is the endless search for stories…my students’, the people I teach about, mine. Such a rich terrain to explore!

    • I think it would be fun to come and watch you teach and document your work if you were interested.
      thanks for watching a observing so closely. That first video was a God Send.

  4. I’d love that! We gotta talk!

  5. Your fire and passion always inspire me to think more deeply – it ignites me to remain passionate in this work. Thank you.

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