Memorial Day!: Conversations with Eileen Day #44

Evening friend,
I spent this day at home with AC. No barbecues, no parades. Tuvia went off to work and after a full weekend back from Boston, I needed today to move around my pad washing clothes and just being home.
I did try to help Hilda with her new Apple computer and realized that my tech advice to her was bad advice. At 83, she didn’t need a new computer challenge and with my comfortable iPad in hand, Hilda flirted with a new lover. Of course, being a grandmother of a bunch of college and older kids, there’s must be at least one kid in the pack salivating for a brand new MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop, right?

I’m feeling a bit guilty that she totally followed my advice and I was wrong.

Okay, enough about the guilt.

I did love being back in Boston. It’s been a long time and slowly as we walked the city I remembered my adventures with my brother Rick, my cousin Howie and friends I made during my summer as a BU student. Tuvia understood why Boston was a city I could love and dream about living in, but that was another lifetime and I’m a Rocklander now and proud!

Good life here with Tuvia and his family, my family all together with us in Boston.

I spent time thinking about the fallen soldiers today. Quietly, with just a bit of music. And I thought about you. Actually writing tonight is not what I’d like to be doing. The phone is right next to me and your number is still in my memory banks and I love talking with Andy but he won’t be able to turn the phone over to you, am I right?

I miss you at odd times now. Life moves along and a voice calls me and I can’t answer.

Oh well, it hasn’t been so long,

Miss you on Memorial Day,

PS. Just finished a Google Hangout with my friends Troy in Michigan and Kevin in Mass. We began to plan a collaborative keynote presentation for a state tech conference next November. Can you believe that?

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One thought on “Memorial Day!: Conversations with Eileen Day #44

  1. It sounds like a regular day, Bonnie, a little of this, a little of that. I know you miss your friend, but you are talking about other things with some excitement too now. Boston is a lovely city, I agree. My daughter went to BU for a while & I’ve been there with students & just to visit friends. Have a great rest of the week!

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