Recital: Conversations with Eileen Day 47/ SOLT

Morning Friend and Slicers,

Sunday morning was just a perfect morning for a recital, don’t you think, and I had one to attend in Hoboken, NJ at the Hoboken School for the Arts, still hanging in there.

Mihael at 7 was in the Beginners Recital and later with the Advanced. He’s not advanced but he plays a bit of guitar and was urged to join the chorus. So the Beginners Chorus ended both sections and we were there for both shows.

I loved it. Kid after kid, marched up to the piano or dragged a violin or guitar into the spotlight and shared something. I remembered my early moments in the spotlight warmly. I kept looking over at Mihael waiting as patiently as he could for his turn. He was nervous, but when I could catch his eye he waved and smiled back. His proud mom sat closer to him, his dad, his Saba(grandfather), his sister and me: his cheering section.

When it was his turn to step up with his guitar, his teacher, Mark, brought chairs from the left side and met Mihael in the center of the stage. They would be playing together. Mihael was calm in this collaboration. They sat, adjusted their seats and began with “When the Saints Go Marching In”(short version) and then, with Mihael’s okay they moved on to Yankee Doodle Dandy for his encore. He took that bow deeply, proudly, with a wide grin.

I’m not using this public platform to brag about this 7 year old’s musical brilliance. He practices once a week when I show up with my guitar on Friday night and we jam to Row, Row, Row, Your Boat. But he’s seven and it seems to me that his teacher understands how to engage a young boy to take that first sweet taste of playing music with no strings attached.

I like that.


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7 thoughts on “Recital: Conversations with Eileen Day 47/ SOLT

  1. I like it, too. Your words and the picture capture the moment.

  2. “That first sweet taste of playing music with no strings attached” will lead to a lifetime of musical pleasure. What a lovely experience to share with us, Bonnie!

  3. Mihael is lucky to have such a cheering section. Sounds like it was a great day with the sounds of music echoing in your head and heart.

  4. Nothing better than watching kids perform, be out there. I loved that you captured this for Mihael, Bonnie. It will be a treasure someday. How sweet he is.

  5. Most of us will never be “famous” as musicians, artists, athletes, or even as writers; however, there is nothing more wonderful than having a cheering section out there to give you a”should out” and to encourage your approximations of perfection.

  6. P.S. I loved this video you uploaded, Bonnie – especially that moment when Mihael’s teacher touches him on the back and whispers a few words just before they sit down to play. That one gesture says so much…very moving. And he played so well! Bravo…bravo!

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