Spain May Have to Wait: Conversations with Eileen Day 49

Morning Friend,

We are entering the 3rd day of an early summer heatwave and if I was considering outside exercise, now at 6:06 AM at 83 degrees, would be the right time to jump into sneakers and get up and just DO IT!

Nope, I think I’m going to just remain in this lovely living room with a light touch of AC and keep at this writing for the first time in a long time, right?

Lots has happened in this month of June since the last time I shared with you.  We’ve been to movies, good and bad, I’ve successfully brought two year-long school projects to nice endings with some great plans at Highland Falls for another year of exciting work.  I have been feeling better, getting back my energy, losing some weight, getting ready for a trip to Spain and then Israel for Maya’s wedding… all good things until…

my mom fell last Friday night and broke her femur bone and now I  know just where that bone is.  It wasn’t the hip.  That was a good thing and she was able to be operated on and that was a good thing but the cost is high on a woman in her 90’s and now as she slowly recovers I am losing the mother I’ve known for my life.  We are scheduled to leave for Madrid on July 2nd and I don’t think I can leave her or my dad alone.  Yes, we have help but I’m feeling like it’s time to give back.

Right now she’s recovering in a lovely room in a brand new hospital, the Orange Regional Medical Center near Middletown and finally we have her set up with 24-hour sitter service and we are on a slow track to get her moved to Ellenville where she will be surrounded by a medical staff who know and care about her and our family but she is leaving us.  She is sinking deeper and deeper into dementia and we all know it.

My dad worries about what will happen when my brother and I are both out of the country and he is really on his own.

I can’t leave him or her. Not now.  Right?

I’m thinking about you and how much you loved your parents.

Spain is just too far from Middletown and Ellenville.  Time to give back.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom and our time of deep friendship when I was happy and proud to have her as my best friend, when I needed her to navigate the troubled waters for me and now it’s my turn.

With a tear of sadness,


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7 thoughts on “Spain May Have to Wait: Conversations with Eileen Day 49

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your mom’s injury. You’re doing the right thing, as you know. I’m sorry for this hard time. Sending love to you. Lynn

    • Bonnie K

      Thanks Lynn, it’s just my turn now :). I feel rich in friends.

  2. It’s so clear that you know what you have to do, Bonnie.
    Blessings on this journey.
    Holding you in my heart,

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and the anxiety over your father too, Bonnie. Here’s a big hug! I don’t know you well but suspect you will do what you need to do just as you have through this time of saying goodbye to your friend. Best wishes.

  4. Bonnie K

    Thanks Linda,
    I have wonderful parents. It’s my turn to step up. I’m feeling that hug!

  5. Nancy C.

    I’m very sorry to read this, Bonnie. I hope for a timely recovery for your mother’s femur. The dementia is a different story and for that, I hope for you to have as many lucid moments with her as you can. Hang in there, Bonnie.

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