A Bit of Balance: Conversations with Eileen Day #50

Morning Friend,

Once again, I’m back writing into the crisp morning and loving it 🙂

Yesterday I rode solo to the hospital: up the Garden State, to the Thruway and finally the last leg on Route 17.  Not much traffic and the lushness of the surroundings buoyed me up for any surprises I might find as a entered my mom’s new room.  Tuvia took a break and stayed home, waiting for me to keep him updated via phone and then return in my good time for a bit of pleasure- walking the Village.

One week ago we were just beginning to get to know the new Orange Regional Medical Center but by now we are regulars, in the routine passing the friendly volunteers at the welcome desk and heading straight to security for our hospital passes that no one ever asks to see.  I am proud when I remember to gather some up and return them.   My mom is officially moved to the 4th floor and I have to get used to the new halls and turns but as I step off the elevator I’m feeling a new peace.

Yes, it’s Saturday morning and everything slows down at a hospital but there’s a different mood just one level up.  The views from all the open rooms bring the outside in: the mountains, the lushness that came along with me on my ride.  And there’s a quiet.   I enter the room and meet today’s Sitter who is up and talking to my mom, who comes in and out as she usually does when I’m there.  An assistant nurse joins her and they have been learning about my mom and are welcoming.  The floor nurse soon joins them and they all have been learning pieces about my mom that they are interested in putting those pieces together.

This is something new.  Not that I haven’t communicated with the staff on the 3rd floor, but there’s more activity there as patients arrive from surgery.  Up on the 4th floor there’s a sense of community and attention paid to the patients and families and even though my mom is still unfocused, they are with her and I can’t wait to share my good news with our family team: Jeff, Tuvia and Marla.  I’m feeling better for my mom.   Rose arrives from Ellenville and there isn’t much for her to do.

I probably stayed longer and left at noon feeling a bit more trusting to the warm, dedicated staffers who would continue to treat my mom as a valued human being, fighting to come back to herself and to us.

I raced home and  moved from my car to Tuvia’s after a short bathroom break for our time together, strolling the West Village and today on this gorgeous day, I had my new Cannon Powershot to get to know.  I am not pressured now to prepare it for a trip to Spain but just for fun I was up for the adventure to see what it could offer me with its 7 lbs. of weight.

Not much traffic into the City, a bit of navigating the one-way Village streets, a great parking spot right across from our favorite lunch spot, the AOC, a shady table in the backyard, a great egg white omelet, enjoyed without guilt.  The walk east up Bleeker, camera discreetly capturing strangers and pigeons. A frozen- create your own yogurt mixture, savored at the park at the corner…and nap as we traveled back home.

Maybe this was one of my very best days…

I can’t wait to return to the 4th floor this morning.

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3 thoughts on “A Bit of Balance: Conversations with Eileen Day #50

  1. I hope you find some balance and that your mom heals up and gets better, Bonnie.
    Take care of yourself, too.

  2. Im glad to hear that you feel good about your moms new setting. Hospital sitters are an interesting newish phenomenon I think. At least they were new to me. It gives one peace of mind to find such a caring setting.

    I have to know what new camera you got. I thought you were a dedicated Nikon fan! XO Lynn

  3. I’m so sorry to hear abou your mom’s femur but glad you have found the way to navigate elderly hospitalizations: sitters. It really comes down to having someone there at the moment that someone needs them. A gift to our parents when they are in their elder years that is priceless and profound. My sitters have given me peace of mind and the ability to go on with some of the day to day necessities of life…during broken necks and after heart attacks….I am so glad you are in a hospital that embraces growing old gracefully

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