Wake Up, Brain!: Conversations with Eileen Day 51

Morning Friend,

A bit of a change today: no sun, rain on the way, maybe a day for jeans but isn’t that what’s so great about living here?  Weather is unpredictable 🙂

And even though the weather was really great yesterday, for the Kaplan family it wasn’t a good one.

After my big buildup about the time I spent with my mom on Saturday, yesterday we were back on the roller coaster, watching my mom living in her head, not sharing anything with us.  When my brother Jeff arrived he tried hard to wake her up, trying to get her to sing the Canadian national anthem and she did try in her new language of garble.  Tuvia applauded his efforts but ultimately softly rejected the approach and theory of the doctor.

Tuvia works with patients in nursing homes and watches this stage of aging regularly.  Her brain is sleeping and calling her, trying to wake her up won’t help.  She has to wake up her brain and the longer it takes the harder it will be for her to come back. So it was a sad day, a sad ride home with no interest in a movie or any entertainment except for a walk around the mall just down the road and a nice Sunday dinner at CheeseCake Factory complete with a few Cape Coders.

It’s good to share this heavy weight with family and together we are getting ready to say goodbye as we hope we have more time.

Wake up that brain, MOM!

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3 thoughts on “Wake Up, Brain!: Conversations with Eileen Day 51

  1. Sorry about your mother, Bonnie. Tough times! Glad your family is with you too.

  2. Oh Bonnie! I wish Eileen was here to help you get through this time in your life. I cannot imagine what you’re going through with your mom. I wish you courage and strength to get through this.

  3. Just catching up, Bonnie…now that school is over. What a time you are having. It’s comforting to have your family about, and Tuvia, of course – sharing the burden and worry and sorrow is some small comfort. I love the gentle wisdom of Tuvia’s advice and approach – loving, realistic and always present for you and your family. You are much in my thoughts, my friend.

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