It’s 3am and there’s an Israel I’m missing: Conversations with E/SOLT

It’s early morning my friend,

I actually began this entry with a bout of jet lag at 3AM and first a visit to Facebook posting a status update, receiving great responses from friends back home in my normal zone and finally, totally giving up on sleep, grabbing up my Israeli cell phone and  tiptoeing  into the bathroom for a muffled conversation with Tuvia who was up, of course at a normal 9:15 PM in Paramus and itching to talk.

A long talk… A great talk… 🙂

And now still in the darkness the birds are singing to me and I’m remembering the Israel that I’m missing…the sounds of the sea just below our balcony.  I am missing that Israel here in a luxurious condo that I’m sharing with Marla and Jeff, Amanda and Steve.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to be here with the family to celebrate a wedding but… I’m missing the Israel I share with Tuvia, of course.  How could I not and I’m missing my mom.

It’s the Israel of his past and our present that we share as we begin  each morning walking out of the lobby of our hotel, crossing the road and immediately removing our sandals to inch our way in the deep, freshly mowed sand to the edge of the sea. I  grab  my camera  out of its bag, while Tuvia offers me freedom from the constraints of bag and shoes allowing me  to capture the experience once again no matter how many pictures I save of sea and sand and humus and pita and strangers that cross the lens of my camera.  I want it all.

Funny that we are satisfied with a very routine experience.  We don’t have a favorite restaurant that’s if you can’t count a seat on the deck of Banana Beach just to enjoy a small plate of humus, a basket of fresh pita, an Israeli salad with scrambled eggs and cheeses.  And if we can fit it in, we return later for a glass of wine and the sunset.

Seems like I can never remember the restaurants we’ve shared meals with friends, but I do remember our conversations, yes that’s what I remember.  And yes, there are some family and friends I am seeing on this trip even if it can’t be the elaborate schedule Tuvia begins to create on our first night but given the this unique visit to Tel Aviv, I still need to find time for those routine experiences I’ve come to love.

I woke up too soon of course.  I was dreaming about my mom and it was good to share it with Tuvia who miles away in front of his TV set, bored he could understand why I was up and missing both him and my mom at the same time.

I’ve been curious about what Israel means to me alone and you know, it means a lot.


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7 thoughts on “It’s 3am and there’s an Israel I’m missing: Conversations with E/SOLT

  1. It’s the sweetest piece, Bonnie. I hope you’ll have a wonderful time in spite of being without Tuvia, & with your mother’s passing so fresh in your mind. The photos, as usual, are lovely.

  2. HA! I knew it….somehow I knew that you’d be across the oceans in a place close to your heart and soul… happy travels, my friend. My favorite of the photos was the one of Tuvia and grandchild – two generations intent on their task and their companionship. So beautiful! I love the beginning of this line and all it means:It’s the Israel of his past and our present that we share …

  3. This is such a sensory and heart felt piece. The pictures added so much also. enjoy…enjoy…and keep remembering xo nanc

  4. I can tell from the pictures that you are not alone and yet it can be lonely when someone special is missing. Have a wonderful visit and experience it all, soak it all in. I am glad that, even alone, “it means a lot. “

  5. This piece really depicts the MANY, significant and emotionally powerful pieces (slices) of your life in the past few weeks. Somehow, great sadness and great joy are very connected here.

  6. Sending you a hug, as you miss you mom. A wonderful thoughtful post.

  7. Great slide show Bonnie.
    I’m glad you are in Israel enjoying time with family and friends. Despite it being a hot time of year, I think it’s the perfect place for you to be right now.

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