Leading a Double Life, Maybe More: Conversations with Eileen Day 104

Morning my friend,

It’s another  hot morning in Tel Aviv, just a bit cooler today than yesterday and still no touch of burning on my body 🙂  There wasn’t much sleeping going on yesterday, today began softly and smoothly with breakfast back at my new favorite spot on Ben Yehuda and Mapu, with Manda J. She loved it too.

We are back in the cool of the apartment, she enjoying a nap and me, with the blinds way up, I’m enjoying quiet time for blogging, but that could come to an end anytime now when Marla returns from her beach walk with Jeff.  She sounds  all fired up and ready to fight the phone company.  Watch out!

Where am I now?

After yesterday I was firmly planted with the Israelis I have come to know and love: Anny and Varda and David made yesterday full. Marla and Jeff, Amanda and Steve were off early touring the north and then finishing with dinner back in TA…We met up for ice cream and drinks just before bed time.  A night cap to a great day, so both lives were well represented, but then there’s that other life, the life I left back home, Tuvia who needs to be kept updated and even with these cell phones it’s not always easy to keep the connection in the moment but when it’s late here, it’s just right for news updates back home and late has been the fashion here.  Tuvia and I had our best talk when it was 2am here and this morning I started moving around just a hair past 10am.  Unheard of in any of my past lives.

There is something to be said for comfort.  I am comfortable just strolling the streets with my cameras, challenged to capture something new.  I am challenged to share the Israel I have come to love and digest the horrors happening in the West Bank as I enjoy  being here.

I wonder where would I be standing if I were younger and fired up.  I think about the Israeli activist director of the powerful, gut wrenching documentary “Five Broken Cameras” and wonder how Israeli react to its authenticity.  I wonder how that jives with Eleanor’s simplistic approach to a two state solution, still buried in the occupier’s past.  Tuvia shared yet another news account of another small Arab village overrun by settlers who invaded burning their olive trees and killing their farm animals while the army stood by watching.

Where do I stand?

In the cool of this morning, in the lovely condo, getting ready for a luxurious wedding on Thursday, where do I stand?

Let me end this post with the good memories of yesterday and a special thanks to Anny and David and Varda for opening their homes and sharing their time with me.

Here’s some photos from yesterday:

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One thought on “Leading a Double Life, Maybe More: Conversations with Eileen Day 104

  1. Hope the comfort & being with good people continues, Bonnie. I like seeing the photos!

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