Meeting up with Kevin and Danielle: Conversations with Eileen Day 105

Morning my Friend,

Just a few minutes ago as I returned to a familiar routine for beginning the day with some fuel, I was thinking about a post that would center around the wedding tonight and my lack of energy for it but then I realized that even though I did not remember to click my camera at just the right moment, I did meet up with two people who would make perfect subjects for a post to you so here goes:

Because of my Facebook account, I kept up with both Kevin and Danielle and their summer in Tel Aviv and when I shared the news on a status update from Danielle our meet up plans were kicked off.

Now it does help that I arrived before they left and that we are staying just a few blocks away from each other, in fact I walked closer to their neighborhood on Dizengoff and there on Jabotinsky we drank together in a lovely cafe. And we talked… a lot.  I talked a lot…even though I tried to give them time to share.

Kevin is grown up: married with kids and a profession in writing and teaching college and Danielle is a Rabbi and I remember them when they were just beginning together and we hosted them on their first trip to Tel Aviv.  I remember.  Just like I can still remember Kevin when he sat in my 9th grade English class and when he performed in the plays that challenged both of us.  I remember.

And now, he’s a grown up with a salt and pepper beard, but no kipa 🙂

I loved being with them as confident adults, partners in life. They were warm and engaged with me as we shared talk about you and Andy and their kids and my work and their work.  The conversation flowed and Danielle was good at keeping it moving.

It was a good day, and very good day even if the evening, the rehearsal dinner was filled with too much food and ran a bit too long.  Seems like we have been waiting all week for this culminating event and tomorrow at this time I will be moving on to thoughts of departure and packing and Tuvia waiting for us at the airport.

I’m missing that face…

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2 thoughts on “Meeting up with Kevin and Danielle: Conversations with Eileen Day 105

  1. Lovely to read this post and see the photos. Safe travelling.

    • Bonnie K

      Thanks Anne,
      It’s been a very crazy time for me and I.m looking forward to returning home and catching with
      Normal 🙂

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