Absolute Red? Really?: Conversations with Eileen & SOLT

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Morning Friend,

Take a good look!  This is what Toyota calls ABSOLUTE RED for their latest 2013 Scion TC limited 8.0 series and I am leaning toward ownership.  Now I know this car would never be your choice but I’m sure you would not be surprised that I’m seriously considering it even though I have been a proud Prius owner since 2005.  I know, I know, this is not a hybrid and I was hoping that I would move from one hybrid to the next new technology.  I know, I know.

But technology is not moving fast enough and after happily driving my blue Prius for 150,000 miles, I need something different and Toyota is refusing to offer me a new hybrid.  Now I did take out a fresh Prius for a spin and it was nice, actually improved, but no change to its look and yes, I need something new.

Now do I need ABSOLUTE RED?  Hmmm… not absolute but I do need COOL!!! and I did make the rounds: Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, VW.  I did do my share of car reading and the most fun I had was test driving the ABSOLUTE RED Scion TC.  All the other Scion colors were just not COOL!

But ,am I afraid that this might attract too much attention?


I have owned Ford Mustangs ,Honda Preludes, a Chrysler Laser, an Acura Integra, and an Audi TT and from that collection three were stolen.  But then does that mean this one will be stolen?  Not necessarily.

We are still talking 4 cylinder, and it’s not a bank account buster, so even though I’m scheduled for one last road test in a Mazda 3 I am moving ABSOLUTE RED!  I have the rest of the week to decide but it would be fun to have a new set of wheels for my road trip on Monday with my good buddy Mary.

ABSOLUTE RED!   Sounds better and better…

It’s been a tough year and I’m smiling as I write and consider ABSOLUTE RED 🙂 🙂 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Absolute Red? Really?: Conversations with Eileen & SOLT

  1. Go for the Absolute Red. Love it! I think every woman should have an Absolute Red in her life at some point!

  2. Love it! The very idea of ABSOLUTE RED makes it a winner! I jsut bought a red Prius a few months ago and I love the redness of it!

  3. Of course you should go for the red! Why not? And it looks so very good.

  4. You can never go wrong with red. I enjoyed your slice. It made me smile.

  5. Keri Franklin

    I like it, Bonnie. (THREE stolen cars!)

  6. It sounds like this makes your heart sing, so that is what you need. Life is too short not to have something fun to drive that makes you smile when you get into it. I looked at TC’s before we bought the IQ, I might have picked it if that one had been out when I was shopping. Be sure to report back.

  7. You should just go for it! It sounds like a fun car that’s needed and if it doesnt work out, you can ABSOLUTELY trade it in…will you lease or buy?

  8. It is the best thing, to get into a car that tickles you. Go for it!

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