Absolutely NOT Red. BUT Liquid Silver looks GREAT!: Conversations with Eileen Day

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Evening Friend,

So, I think I went with the car that would make you smile.  Tuvia is smiling and yes, I am as well.  So thanks to everyone who cheered me on to Absolute Red before the  Mazada 3, Liquid Silver was really a strong contender.

I have always had my pick of very cool cars to own and even though 3 from the collection were stolen from me I continued to buy hot cars.

That Red Scion, yes, it is a hot car and someone will be buying soon, I’m sure and many eyes will turn as he/she speeds by, but I have no regrets.  It’s not for me.  Maybe it was the image of the passenger door, reading across its bottom, SCION in thick black letters, maybe it was the loud hum of the engine rearing its racing head at lights and stop signs, maybe it was the the list of luxury and safety items included on the Mazda 3 Touring S that began to turn me away from the Scion Red.

But as of yesterday morning my local Mazda dealer assured me that the car I was interested in could not be found.  I accepted the news and tucked the Mazda images away as I revisited the Scion for one last test drive.  I could be happy.  But once I arrived at Tuvia’s I picked up the phone and just for fun called the Mazda dealer near him.  According to John, a Mazda Ramsey manager, they had three cars to consider, and color could be dealt with. Too bad we still can’t totally trust car salesmen, right?

I was off at 8:45 this morning and by 9:15 I was test driving a Liquid Silver Mazda 3, falling in love actually.

Of course I couldn’t just blow off Royce at Rockland Toyota.  I stopped in a let me try to sell me on something one last time.  Soon he could tell it wasn’t worth his energy but he was grateful that I came in to meet him face to face as he officially agreed to refund my deposit.  Of course I will fill out a survey for him.  All that time and effort and what does he have for it?

A quick lunch, a stop at the bank for a check and back to the Ramsey Mazda and by 5 today, after a strong thunderstorm I was in my new car, headed for Tuvia’s.

It was a pleasure to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic this time.  We needed the time to bond.

Of course, I did spend this last day enjoying my Prius, feeling bad I was giving it up but it was time 🙂

Tuvia enjoyed our first ride in my new car. So easy to get used to it and it’s cool, but subtle, cool.

So I can’t wait for my first trip on the highway.

It was a very good day 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Absolutely NOT Red. BUT Liquid Silver looks GREAT!: Conversations with Eileen Day

  1. Sounds like you chose the one from your heart. My husband (the car freak) said you’ve made a very good choice. All the car editors gush on and on about that car. Enjoy!

  2. I know nothing about cars, am a Honda person (am on my 4th) but your Mazda looks great, Bonnie. I’m glad you’re pleased! Vroom, vroom!

  3. It’s beautiful, and looks very smooth and speedy! Good choice!

    • Bonnie K

      🙂 It has a bit more kick than the Prius but I will return to alternative energy cars when the technologies catches up to my fantasies!

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