Happy 70th, My Friend: Conversations with Eileen Day

Morning Friend,

Hats off to Andy!  Three weeks ago he posted an invitation to join him at the cemetery for a celebration of your 70th birthday on Facebook and I was relieved.  Once Andy began creating the event I had something to mark on my calendar and imagine. In the past we marked our birthdays with a lunch somewhere between Summitville and Nyack.

At first the thought was drummers but over the weeks Andy turned to guitar music.  Strangely, I looked forward to spending time on the mountain with you and people who remember and miss you.

As we got closer and realized that there could be rain and I did buy a new car just two days before the event, I reached out to Andy for a drive to the place I have never been able to find.  I arrived early and spent time just catching up.  Jen and Jim arrived and the four of us drove up in the middle of a rain burst.  I was So happy to be traveling in a passenger seat.

We arrived, I grabbed my camera to document the event and the road was covered with cars and a crowd of friends with umbrellas and rain gear waiting for Andy to begin.  Andy had words to share about you and the world both of you created.  Sorry, but I did not press the right button on my camera and I don’t have Andy’s video.  He was wonderful.  And wow does your spot look amazing.  You love it, right?

We stayed there just long enough to breathe in your world and then headed back to the house for dinner with many more friends all jammed into the rooms of  your home. Everyone brought something and I got to spend time with Madlyn sitting around the porch table that we always shared with you.  I can’t  lie, it was strange not having you there.  But what an out pouring of love for you and Andy.

While Andy does need to put some meat back on his bones he is open to talking about how he’s coping with your passing.  We miss you Eileen, but you already know that right?

Happy 70th My Friend,


Here’s some highlights of the day:

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11 thoughts on “Happy 70th, My Friend: Conversations with Eileen Day

  1. What an outpouring of love from friends and family. Eileen was a lucky person to have so many who loved her in her life. I’m glad you were able to hitch a ride since it rained.

  2. Meryl

    Bonnie thank you so much for sharing this. Love you, Meryl

  3. I was unable to come. This blog made it very real for me. Thank you, Bonnie, for enabling my presence, and thank you Andy for making this celebration, and thank you Eileen, for everything.

    • So sorry you couldn’t be there. It was my pleasure to share what I love with other lovers of Eileen Weil.

  4. Mark P. Rothman

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures celebrating what would have been my sister’s 70th birthday. Your pictures brought tears to my eyes and I am unfortunately very sad that I don’t have her to talk to anymore. I miss her. She was my big little sister. Thank you.

  5. Just back from holiday time…what a joyous and love filled gathering. Friendship is truly a gift that keeps giving – look at how all of you join t oh ether to celebrate Eileen and the bonds between you.

  6. Soon! I’m cleaning out my classroom … But Saturday would be great, would you be free?? Email me, my friend!

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