Labor Day: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,

Yes, it’s been a long time since I checked in and shared a bit about what’s going on with me.  It’s not that I didn’t want to spill my mind here but it just didn’t happen, but I will always come back. Always…and what a great day to be back, it’s Labor Day!  That’s no work for most of us…well Tuvia, now Tuvia is working today. Monday is usually a day he works and if he selects another day of the week it throws off the schedule.  So he’s off… the patients will be thrilled to see him. They don’t know from Monday.  I’m just proud.

As for me, it’s a guitar lesson in the morning… guitar… yes, I’m still at it. But I can’t say much at the moment.  It’s gotten hard.  I’m not saying more.  But my lesson will be a pleasure and something new will begin soon- Jon is creating a guitar orchestra and I’m starting to freak about it.  All good, good freaking.

And school begins in just two days for most teachers and students.  Finally, after 7 starts without me I no long have sweat dreams.  Finally, and it’s not that I didn’t love school once it really got underway, but the month of August drove me crazy, just wondering if I still had it.  And I’m remembering last year when I did have a keynote role to help open the school year for the Highland Falls School District and yes, there were sweat dreams, and lots of nights without much sleep.  But it was a home run experience!  And this year I am back with the writing project for another challenge there, taking on the world of education burdened down with testing…

So no, I’m not shopping for new posters for room 310, but I have lots of plans: I’m back taking an online course for online teaching, I’m planning with the HVWP, I have a new student teacher who IS feeling the torture of his first teaching experience, I have a photography class coming…and there’s a trip to Spain at the end of September.  Tuvia deserves it 🙂

So I’m back friend and feeling good,



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4 thoughts on “Labor Day: Conversations with Eileen

  1. rebecca burdett

    I AM having weird back to school dreams. I think the idea of teaching alone is worrying me. That, and the prospect of two unannounced observations to be scored by the Danielson Rubric (all 55 pages of it!) I think all teachers are experiencing more anxiety than ever before…with a sense that the whole structure of our experience in school is shifting under our feet by forces that are unseen but cataclysmic.

  2. And even though I’m not in the trenches with you, I’m really feeling that pain in my heart.

  3. Nice to hear about your plans, Bonnie, & that the nerves have vanished. We’ve been back for a few weeks now, & things are settling down, but busy as ever. Have fun with all your plans!

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