Being a Democratic and a democrat: Conversations with Eileen Day

Morning Friend,

Yes, I’m still writing it down this week and it’s a big week now.  Last night you missed the start of the Democratic Convention and it was spectacular.  Tuvia and I sat together watching.  It was easy for me but Tuvia was struggling after a day of work and another to come today.  That’s three days in a row for him.  Me? I was at Salon Elyse for a few hours and then got my car registered.  Heavy day!

But the evening was all politics.  Yes, we did catch the Republican kick off last week but when it comes to politics we are on the same page and it couldn’t be any other way.  I joke that Tuvia would not be with me if  I were not a lefty.  But in reality, the same is true for me.  Actually I’ve tried to stop arguing politics with diehard opponents.  It’s a losing proposition these days.  We are just too polarized.

But I want to keep this post positive.

What a great night for the Dems…. Julian Castro, Tammy Baldwin,Deval Patrick. Lilly Ledbetter, a young Kennedy ….

And Michelle!

I was proud!  Finally, they made the case for OBAMA CARE(s)! with the voices of suffering Americans.

I am a liberal, I am a Progressive and I love watching Rachel Maddow and the MSNBC team and sorry but this year, no one can say ahhh they’re both the same.


Tonight is a night for BILL and probably more surprises like Julian Castro and Deval Patrick.

Well you know where I’ll be tonight!  Proud to be a Dem!


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2 thoughts on “Being a Democratic and a democrat: Conversations with Eileen Day

  1. Hi Bonnie, so great to hear these words. Last night was spectacular for sure, wasn’t it? Each speaker led the way to the wonderful end, Michelle’s speech. I loved it, but am worried too. Arrgh-why can’t others see? Thanks for this.

  2. Elsie

    I hope more catch the spirit from last night. It was a good good night!

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