Bill last night, Barack tonight: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,

Boy did you miss a great one from our Bill!  It was glorious and good thing that Barack and his team was listening because Bubba wrote their defense manual in 50 minutes. Yes, Elizabeth Warren was very good but she is new to the national area and needs time to get used to a pumped up crowd.  Seasoned Bill was in his element… “Listen to me now…  Of course, when he got to education he didn’t talk about how he agrees with Barack as its being privatized but I have to swallow hard on this one.

It  was glorious and sadly I was not sitting with Tuvia to share it.  But there’s one more big night and we are side-by side watching Rachel and the MSNBC gang of politicos.  We all with Obama and Bill were more progressive, but what can you do.  Compromise?  Reality?

I did pull out the my old Obama tees and sent for a few new ones and I’m ready to go public.  My gym is filled with Republicans and they will not ignore my Obama chest I can guarantee that.

So let the games take off!

Barack, bring it home!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Bill last night, Barack tonight: Conversations with Eileen

  1. jackiebelle

    Love your passion!! Wear your Obama Shirt Proudly. It is hard to be around people that do not realize they are voting for that 1%. rent the movie The Koch Brothers Exposed. It is on Netflix.

  2. I still have a towel & a paddle from the last convention (I live in the Denver area) so this was like deja vu to me, & so exciting. I’m wishing hard, & doing what I can to help. Scary!

  3. Defense manual for sure…good old Bill, I do miss him (but good for us that he is out and about for this election!).

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