Why I LOVE Apple!: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,

I’m up with energy!  Tuvia is off to work and I’m writing into the morning, ready for my Monday morning guitar lesson.  But I’m thinking Apple.  Big meeting scheduled for tomorrow where the new iPhone and maybe iPad will be announced and introduced.  No, I’m not ready for new toys.  I got the last versions of both and that was less than a year.  I’m trying to behave, really.

And to think, that you were the one who stuck with Apple even in its darkest days when I was making my way through IBM Think Pads.  Then I just viewed you and Kevin as  tech lovers of the past.  But, I WAS SOOO Wrong!


It does help to have my own digital playground just down the hill.  Just a few days ago I tried to get there on time but as usual, I was early, even when I drove slower than usual.  The Mall was dark at 8:30 AM but not APPLE.  Lights on, small staff preparing for the day and a few GEEKS teaching their 8:00 session.

I was welcomed, signed in for my 9:00 with Tom, and ushered to a center table.  I could have taken out my own chair, but the fresh, young Apple boy needed to lead my way.

Apple for me is a place to learn.  Sure, I could do it all on my own, but I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t push myself to click on every nook and cranny on my new Mac.  I wouldn’t ask the questions I ask Tom, who provides answers, always. And all this for $100.00 a year. One-on-one for 52 weeks.

No, I wouldn’t want to work there.  Apple does take advantage of their illusion of community but as an customer, I am welcomed and encouraged to keep coming back.  That’s what all businesses should be doing.

I LOVE my APPLE !!!! and so did you 🙂

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