Was I Crazy, or What?: Conversations with Eileen 9/12

Morning Friend,
It’s 6:38 a.m. now and if I were to say that I just got up, well you’d say, okay, that’s a good start to the day.


I took my late night walk around my place around 3:30 AM and comfortably found my way to the couch and to right clicker to get the TV on without waking Tuvia at 3:25 AM and all I needed to return to some essential sleep was something quiet : one of my House Hunters episodes ,   the new Katie (Couric), or, the View. I chose  the most recent Charlie Rose featuring Bob Woodward.  Their conversation was only to put me to sleep, BUT it was so stimulating that I couldn’t turn my attention to dreaming.  In fact, I wondered why Charlie didn’t give Bob the whole hour for his new book, The Price of Politics.

It happens that Tuvia is already immersed in the book documenting the government’s wrangling on the debt crises last summer.  It’ s now on our iPad’s so it’s okay a click away from me.

But first up: breakfast with my book buddies and then my first photo class at a local art school.  Three hours there and then home for exercise and guitar practice. Will I do it all?  Will there by energy for clicking open the book?  And what about the new issues in Libya and Egypt?

Hey, it’s a busy day and my car now has a bumper sticker to live with…

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2 thoughts on “Was I Crazy, or What?: Conversations with Eileen 9/12

  1. Sounds like a good day, but there is stuff to think about isn’t there? I had to say I love that bumper sticker!

  2. Bonnie K

    You can get it for free. I’ll share the link with you Linda

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