The Babes of the 92nd St Y: Conversations with Eileen & SOLT

Yesterday I hosted my band of babes for a lunch.  We are a group of 7 and I have been writing a piece about us for years in my head and finally, on Sunday night- Monday morning I finished a digital piece that was ready for viewing.  I did want to share it with the full group but I was too late.  Florence left us without any warning less than a year ago. So sharing this piece with them together, between the main course and dessert was a spectacular experience. Even though some of them knew I was working on a piece about us the reality was overwhelming.They needed a second viewing to absorb it.

  For Florence, of course. For Hilda, Pearl, Rena, Freide, Trudy, Diana…women who embraced me when I was brand new to my life in Rockland.  I owe them so much and finally I had this piece to document our “family of friends.”

As I prep for Yom Kippur and for a trip to Spain and for a new professional development project beginning when I get back… I am grateful!

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6 thoughts on “The Babes of the 92nd St Y: Conversations with Eileen & SOLT

  1. Wow! What an amazing group of woman. I, too, have been transported by the gift of friendship, the gift of experience, and the gift of shared wisdom. Many moments of the video moved me to tears.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and your time for the viewing. Friends are so critical. I was so happy to say thank you.

  3. Bonnie-this is wonderful. I couldn’t watch it all, was interrupted here at work, but will finish tonight. What a lovely tribute for your friends, and a wonderful way to capture the group.

  4. What a lovely tribute to the power of women – everywhere. I love the idea of video literacy – book vlogs – images that add to our words. Long ago in the 20th century these were not as needed or as possible as they are now. You’ve captured the gift of friendship.

  5. Oh. My. God. To be at that table! I love Hilda’s story about meeting Philip Roth, and her astute reaction: how arrogant he was. I love what she said about the memories living on, and how they are beautiful. I love how you laughed at the thought that you went so far back together that you saw Shakespeare at the Y! I can just imagine all of you around a table and in a recital hall, sharing knowing glances and deep sighs. I love how Florence summed it up: you have seen each other though the worst and the best…and are still together. And I love Pearl’s awesome story, and the way everyone laughed together, sharing in the bounty that good friendship brings. So lovely to be able to enjoy your friendship circle through this video Bonnie – what a gift!

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