Barcelona Love: Conversations with Eileen

Buenos Noches my friend,

It’s officially the end of our first full day, unless you count the day we arrived but I don’t think that counts.  But that arrival day was a good free one for us.  Sun was shining and we got to the hotel  around 9:30 AM.   Petite Palace.  Hmmm… Petite, yes, good spot, hmm, yes.  but inside yes, it was modern but what’s with the smell of perfume?

Our room wasn’t ready but the staff was friendly, took our bags and we were off for a cup of coffee just next door with instructions to get to a main plaza and then to the famous Rambla for people watching and pedestrian walking on the carless mall.
All good. Tuvia found a newspaper and I was happy to see that everyone around us had their bags on the outside, snapping pictures galore with good cameras.
Wow, lots of tourists…

A perfect first day just getting comfortable with our area… BUT the room was horrible. Tiny and lacking basic comforts…but there was a promise for something better if we were patient.

All good…Bravo… loving Barcelona

But welcome to our official first day and the rain that we could hear( not see) was unrelenting…no rain gear! First breakfast, NY Times and email via iPad, pictures to download, bags repacked and downstairs… stallng over…

Out into the storm… taxi to Gaudi’s Segaria Familia.

The taxi left us off just in front of shops with cheap, rip off umbrellas and we crossed the street to join the crowds moving slowly, against the wind, against the rain patiently soaking for GAUDI’S Cathedral and Tuvia was already turned off but going with the flow. It was actually me ready to cash it in for a second cup of coffee at the MacDonalds just across the street, but no we were committed.

Slowly, slowly, drenched with our cheap rip-off umbrellas we reached the end of line one to purchase our tickets. Okay…now line two to get our head sets… honestly we didn’t need them but go know then.

Finally, we were inside and Tuvia was turned off. Me, I was the cheerleader but wondering, would there be a pay off to the soaking… preliminary information was interesting…the construction of the church was even more interesting but no one could have preped me for the reveal… WOW! Something I had never seen before. GAUDI, I love you! Even Tuvia had to agree the payoff made the waiting worthwhile and I had my good camera and Tuvia had a seat. I could move around the space slowly, soaking in something amazing…without words to describe the work of human beings… I have pictures, but no, it’s the vastness of the creation. I was in love…

And that wasn’t the end of the day…

Back to the hotel and our upgrade was fantastic. A large room, no view of the street but yes, we could be content and unpack and relax and get ready for the next race through the rain drops.

Small lunch and back in a taxk and off to the Picasso Museum… a must on Sharon’s list.

More rain, more slow lines but the wind was gone and this section of the city with its artsy shops and restaurants and narrow streets and I was in heaven. And the museum with a new guide via headphones offered up a young Picasso. Yes, Sharon was right on the money… TUvia was smiling too.

As we left the gallery… rain stopped and the umbrellas were stored. Cameras out and we walked the streets and found a tiny spot for dinner….great chicken soup for Tuvia and wine for me.

A taxi ride home. Vicki, Christina, Barcelona on my ipad and that was enough for the official Day One in Barcelona.

Enough for one day right

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One thought on “Barcelona Love: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Loved your tale of your first day in Barcelona. So sorry you had rain to deal with. I must agree that Gaudi is awesome. The church is so amazing! Can’t wait to read more.

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