Barcelona Love Day 3: conversations with Eileen

Buenos Tardes Friend,

Well Tuvia, for one is taking advantage of a Sunday siesta, but me, I had a good chunk of one on our touring bus. So now I’m up and writing and listening to a healthy snore. All good!

So today the sunshine returned and we could move on with the plans for get comfortable in the city by riding a hop on/ hop off bus. Barcelona has their version complete with handy dandy headphones that you get as part of the price and all you have to do is hook yourself in at your seat, select the language of your choice, and you are learning about the city. But honestly, after the thrill worn off, I missed the face-to-face learning experience with a flesh and blood guide. We’ve had a few dull ones but for the most part, wow did I love the learning experience up in that perk looking over new cities.

Oh well… it was a gorgeous day perfect for tooling around a new city and we are ready for a new day!

We move easily on the bus on this quiet Sunday morning from one interesting area of Barcelona to the next and I am salivating for more Gaudi. We do get to see the Segaria Familia once again covered in lines but now there’s not a trace of those cheap umbrellas and of course everything looks better in streaming sunshine. What an amazing building!

We are focused today on Gaudi’s Parc Quell, but so are lots of other tourists. Who said, by the way that this is off season? Looks like there’s a lot of us of different ages all out to walk the park. So even though I fell asleep last night with Vicki, Christina, Barcelona and visions of casually walking along side Javier Barden in reality the Parc was swarming with visitors and it was hot. So Tuvia found a bench in the shade and I was off with just my camera and it didn’t matter that I had to share the space. There was so much to go around. So much!

Sharon was right on once again! What an amazing place. I’m wishing I could return for a casual walk…not as a tourist.

As the bus passed through some of the other areas before we got to the parc, we both eyed the beach area for lunch and as we left the parc we vyred off with a taxi and found our way to the water for lunch and wine. The service was very slow but we didn’t care. We are on travel time!

Yes, a great day! I am loving Barcelona and even though Sharon’s guide book is filled with must see’s we have only one day left. What must we see tomorrow????

We are loving every minute of Barcelona. Let’s see if I can add a few photos.


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One thought on “Barcelona Love Day 3: conversations with Eileen

  1. Love “We are on travel time!” Exactly right. All sounds wonderful, Bonnie. Happy to hear!

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