Madrid Magic Day 1: Conversations with Eileen

So friend, am I fickle or what? I thought that it would be hard to leave Barcelona after just a few action-packed days, but once we were out off the taxi and comfortably settled on the train and enjoying the scenery, eating the lovely lunch, complete with an array of delicious wines, I don’t know, I was getting ready for another city to love. Can I have two please?

Madrid Is exciting! I’m not sure how it’s different from Barcelona but strangely just from a first impression it feels more Spanish or maybe my idea of Spanish. I know that sounds crazy, but it feels…hmmm familiar.

Our hotel is closer to the city center than our Barcelona spot and its a bit more charming, older and we a have a bit of greenery outside our window And it feels light and breezy and after a walk into the center and back we opted for a small cafe right across from the hoteL

We didn’t need much to eat, just a glass of wine and some hummus, pita and feta cheese . Turns out we could go Greek πŸ™‚

We sat until I started to feel the evening arrive and my t-shirt was not enough and we were ready to be settled in with my trusty iPad with some MSNBC from home. There’s only one station in English and that’s CNBC. How much stock talk can we take?

So tomorrow we will be exploring Madrid for its magic.

And as Tuvia took charge of the bill, this is the guy who caught my eye….looks familiar,no?


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2 thoughts on “Madrid Magic Day 1: Conversations with Eileen

  1. It all sounds delightful to me, Bonnie. Glad you’re having a happy time. Now, who is that man? Should I know him?

    • Bonnie K

      Looks like Hemmingway,no? my variation? A Spanish Hemmingway πŸ™‚

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