Touring by Day, Streaming by 2:30am: Conversations with Eileen

Tuvia has it right. He’s prepping for the debate with a nap. Me? Nope. on my iPad, burning time. I wonder who will be suffering tomorrow?

To prepare for a tough morning we have shifted plans. An easy day scheduled for to morrow: a later breakfast followed by a leisure,y stroll through the Prado and a park nearby.

Sound good?

And today…yes, I’m still feeling Madrid magic…a city tour around the main attractions and then hopping off and on to get to see the Rein of Sophia- the museum that holds the treasure: Guernica and some amazing Dalis, considering the connectedness among the arts of painting, photography and moviemaking.

Now this was not an easy museum to navigate. It made Tuvia crazy and by the time we were headed to finish the first section with the piastaresistance, the G, Tuvia bailed and opted for a bench in a lovely garden just below. I was hooked and suffered through a labyrinth of sorts until the prize was in my grasp and once again, Picasso didn’t disappoint. To see it is to see it…its sheer power in its size. I shared the moment with a small group,everyone courteous, sharing the space with room to move around the piece with a simple and clear analysis on the head set.

and there was one Dali I have never seen, sexy yes, but so much more and again the analysis offered helped to set the historical context and move me through the piece. Knocked my socks off. (Sharon, we need to talk.)

I did have a bit off a challenge finding the right exit door to get back to Tuvia.

No Phone!

But we found each other and embraced the open air, the cool sunshine and hopped on our tour bus to get back to the hotel.

And back at the hotel after a great dinner of chicken and cider at the Cafe Mingo, thanks to Andrea, the hotel just delivered a bottle of champaign in honors of Tuvia’s birthday!

On to the debate, bubbling…


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