Here’s What We Needed Tonight: Conversations with Eileen

Buenos Noches my Friend,
It was a tough night last night, napping to wake up for presidential debate #1 that would begin at 3am Spanish time. We were willing to sacrifice sleep for our guy, but where was he?

Within the first 30 minutes I watched Tuvia get up and start moving around the room. He couldn’t bear to watch Obama, bombing. I grabbed my trusty iPad to multitask.
and when the debate and the post-debate show finally ended we slept just a few hours before we had to race down for the end of breakfast and then back again for showers.

We planned well for the lack of sleep but not for the disappointment.

We spent the rest of the morning in the Pardo and then more city touring and then siesta to really catch up and then the expected happened,,just lifting us out of our political doldrums.

We got out for a walk to the left our hotel, near the Opera house as many people joined us for an outside table at one of the many cafes up and down the streets that snaked away from the Plaza center. There seems to be many plazas in this city.

We needed just the right spot for a glass of wonderful Spanish wine, new tapas to try and the time to breathe together and enjoy them.

We got it!

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One thought on “Here’s What We Needed Tonight: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Talk about being POed…I could not bear to hear the post mortem, and have turned off the news for a bit. Sigh. But, there are two more to go.. Lovely shot of the two of you, by the way!

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