Touching the Ground:Home: Conversations with Eileen

Morning my Friend,

I’m HOME 🙂

I’m Home and I’ve been back since Saturday but even when I think I’m firmly planted at home the dreadedJet Lag attacks to shake up my smooth re-entry back to everything I love about being home.

I’ve been fighting the evil JL.  I had a guitar lesson on Monday morning and didn’t scream out STOP! when Jon kept pushing me to move with him through a new piece of music that kicks off our new guitar orchestra, Pluck.

Yesterday I was up and out early,  on my way to Highland Falls Intermediate School for the kick-off of our new HVWP project and I was able to fight through the evil JL for the whole day.  It was a GREAT day! But as I parked, unpacked the car, strolled back to my door, and refreshed, I fell apart on the couch: JET LAG is not through with me. Yes, I still had enough energy to take care of my illegal left turn at the Nyack Traffic Court and dinner out with Tuvia back when I got back to my couch and I out with barely enough energy to crawl into bed and expire.

So today is Wednesday.  The only activity on the calendar is a photo class. Only, that’s a 3 hour photo class.  Am I really back home yet?

I hope so.

You know I was going to write about these two photos:  my first bowl of Special K and my first sunrise at 6 am as I rode in my new car for the first time in 10 days from Tuvia’s house to mine.

Jet Lag got in the way, but here’s home to me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Touching the Ground:Home: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Welcome back home:)

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