A Really, Really, Really Good Night: Conversations with Eileen

Morning my Friend,

You missed a good one last night. Joe Biden brought it home and Tuvia and I had ring side seats.


I’m sure he was wondering what I was doing.  You would have wondered as well.  Last night I tweeted through the debate, back channeling in the moment and you know, I was paying attention, totally focused as I wrote, and read the tweets around me.  I have been returning to Tweeter recently, clicking over and leaving a link to a recent blog post.  Funny, you can take a break and then return and it’s still all there for you. So I’ve been catching up with tweeter buds. But Facebook comes first.

So last night was a great night for Dems and Joe Biden.  Right now I’m listening to Mark Halpern.  He’s giving Paul Ryan too much credit so I’m more focused here.  The NY Times is much stronger for Joe as will my faves on MSNBC.  It will be interesting to see how strong Mika will be defending Joe against Joe S.’s coming attacks.  He is a true Paul Ryan lover.

I so love politics, especially after such a good night.  I have always loved Joe Biden. I was actually hoping he would have had stronger showing in 2008 when he was running for President.  He’s my kind of democrat, a true populist.

But a great debate wasn’t the only exciting event last night.  Even though I had cold feet and didn’t get to practice enough for my first guitar class, with a bit of a push from my guitar teacher, I pushed through my nerves to show up for class at the Rockland  Conservatory of Music, now located in Pearl River.  So returned to my school town and began a new chapter in my guitar adventures.  I am so used to playing for myself and for Tuvia and for my teacher and now I’m out in the open.  It’s scary but essential to my guitar advancement.  But scary.  I called up my memories of high school band, when I didn’t think twice about playing with others whether I was playing correctly or not. Hey cool name for our group: Pluck. Get it?

But it’s different as an adult.   But so good to be there.

And then the debate…

I am up too early and grinning in the darkness.

Great weekend coming…

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2 thoughts on “A Really, Really, Really Good Night: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Ha! Pluck indeed…what a great name for a group of dauntless guitar players! Let’s hope our President shows someof this stuff, too , come Tuesday!

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