A Great Day at the HVWP: Conversations with Eileen & SOLCT

Morning Slicers and Friends,

Saturday morning was glorious in the Hudson Valley and I was up and out and in it early, on the road to New Paltz.  Somehow, even though I didn’t sleep much the sunshine and the upcoming Saturday Seminar at SUNY fueled me.

Speeding up the Thruway, in my new Mazda 3 I arrived early, found and great parking spot in the Old Main traffic circle and entered the building, recently renovated.  I had an assigned job to greet participants and everything was already set for me to begin.  Over time, we have become a well oiled machine on our Saturdays.

Today, Tom Romano would be keynoting, yes, Tom Romano, who focuses his talks on his multi-genre work.  I try not to get too excited about superstars, because they often start believing their hype, but I was sure this wouldn’t be the case and you know, it wasn’t.

I did my job and then moved into the 1907 room where we would begin.  We had a good group: lots of our HVWP teacher consultants and teachers from the area.  After Tom’s keynote we also had an interesting set of workshops that would run concurrently.  I was set to attend a new TC from our latest Summer Institute.  She has been reading Tom Romano for years and was so excited to actually meet him.  She wasn’t disappointed.

It was nice to see that I would not be the only one documenting the event.  We have a young student with a camera this semester working with us.  Love that!

I took on the video documenting and I have to get to the job of editing soon.

Tom was wonderful.  He didn’t shy away from the Common Core and offered a positive way into working with them, defining them in a way that felt authentic to his own work.  Tom has been with the National Writing Project for years, actually since he met Jim Graves, the founder of the NWP, years ago.

He spoke, we wrote together, shared…I had a new book to add to my library.  None of his texts are on ebooks yet.  We moved out to be inspired by our teacher consultants and then back to reconvene.

It was a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning, Wonderful…

Here’s a taste:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if that wasn’t enough… back home, Tuvia proudly shared the tickets he picked up for the new Argo.  I had news that we would be sharing the evening with Slicer Tara and her husband Scott.  What a perfect way to spend a Saturday in October right?


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4 thoughts on “A Great Day at the HVWP: Conversations with Eileen & SOLCT

  1. So nice to have a great day where all the stars aligned to make you smile throughout the day and into the evening. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  2. It sounds like a great opportunity to be refreshed. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your writing and teaching life.

  3. Wow, the day sounds wonderful, Bonnie. Tom Romano’s books are great and I imagine he is an inspiring speaker. I’m envious that you and Tara are able to have dinner together, so a good end too.

  4. Your enthusiasm is so infectious, my friend…you always remind me about the purpose and essential joy of teaching. And, these days, I need that!

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