Guitar Practice, Check! : Conversations with Eileen

Evening my Friend,

As you know, I love my guitar lessons on Monday mornings.  It remains my perfect way to kick off the week right in the comfort of my living room and all I have to do is shower and get dressed before the doorbell rings.

This morning I was dressed more appropriately for a school visit to my observe my student teacher. Let’s leave that alone for now.  I’m sure you’d have some good suggestions.

Usually I count our hour lesson as a practice for the day, but I have more incentive now to take my practice more seriously because I’m not alone now.  I am in a guitar orchestra and I don’t want to be embarrassed is I come to rehearsals unprepared.  Now as a kid, I didn’t feel that way when I practiced in our school band.  Hmm… I have to think about that.

I am not a social player with my guitar.  Yes, I’m working on a recital but I know that this new challenge will take my playing to a new place and I welcome the company.  Good thing my hands aren’t shaking these days.

Our first piece is Telemann’s Concerto in D.  Jon has written and revised the parts and has tailored my part to make me feel comfortable.  I just spent an hour with the first section. It’s exciting but I need to make sure I have time for my pieces as well.  I don’t want to lose them.  This morning, after a week of jet lag after two weeks in Spain, I was back with Schindler’s List.  Happy to be with the music coming from my guitar.  Happy!

More updates to come 🙂

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