Priorities: Conversations with Eileen

Morning my Friend,

I was so prepared for my guitar class last night.  I practiced in the morning with my metronome, then played along with my teacher on the Slow Downer software. I was pumped to continue in afternoon at Tuvia’s.  I am coming back to my practice after time away in Spain and then a hit of Jet Lag as we re-entered home.

  BUT, just before I left for Tuvia’s I did my usual email check and found a fresh message from the Burns Film Center  that held me- a late invitation to preview a new movie A Late Quartet written and directed by a relatively  new face,Yaron Zilbermanwith a powerful cast including: Christopher Walkin, Philp Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir and Imogen Poots.

A Late Quartet Poster

AND, the story centers around a string quartet in New York City.

A perfect event for Tuvia, but I shut everything down.  I had a commitment.  Of course we would see this movie but just not yet.

I didn’t say anything when I called to announce that I was on my way.  I didn’t say anything through lunch at the Suburban.  But coffee arrived and I looked over at Tuvia and I shared the invitation still firm that I had my commitment.  Tuvia did not push, didn’t make me feel guilty but this would be a perfect evening for him, and for me.

I pulled out of my evening with Pluck and bought us two tickets online and we were on our way to Pleasantville.

It was wonderful and the post- interview with Zilberman made the experience full and complete for me but there was nothing like turning to him in movie darkness during a bit of Beethoven’s Quartet No. 14, Opus 131 watching him with love.

I will be back next week, with my guitar, I promise, but first thing’s first.


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5 thoughts on “Priorities: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Your guitar playing, which has come out in many of your posts, is inspiring. I’m contemplating starting it in the next few years. Isabelle loves the guitar and always wants to play it (in music class & at synagogue, which are the two places she sees it). Maybe…

    • Guitar, I love it, but it is demanding. That movie is terrific!
      Thanks as usual for the read. Are you going to Vegas? I have to miss this one. I am presenting at the NYSCAT conference in Rochester just a few days later.

  2. I was hoping it would end the way it did…and thanks for sharing that lovely bit about love in the movie darkness.

  3. All about balance, isn’t it? Glad you were able to spend a special evening with T.

  4. It’s balance and priorities I suspect that keeps the music alive in any relationship. My father, in his last days at the eve of his 60th anniversary said, “Balance, priorities, and stamina,” kept things afloat no matter what waves of life threatened to rock the boat.

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