Sandy’s Coming: Conversations with Eileen/SOLT

Evening Friend,

I’m writing tonight just in case we lose power and I’m disconnected.


I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have my computer, my iPhone and/or  my iPad. My hands are shaking already and you with missing letter on your keyboard for years, would be laughing.

One good thing about being with Tuvia is that even when I am engaged in upcoming disasters he is still ignoring them and almost laughing and my need to prepare.  So yes, he did allow me to come along as he shopped a bit for the days ahead and yes, he did let me put a few dry items in the wagon, but for the most part he are carrying on as normal and maybe that’s a good thing, you know?

Today the City was quiet, the highways, in and out were easy to navigate and we enjoyed Once with almost a full audience.  We met Jeff and Marla and raced for our Paramus diner for dinner before they made their way  back to Ellenville and we were just down the road from home.

Our day was a normal one and I hope that tomorrow will be the same.  Fingers crossed!

Good night everyone. and thanks Stacey for inspiring me to post tonight.  Let’s hope we all have power 🙂

And you my friend,

I’m thinking about you always,


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10 thoughts on “Sandy’s Coming: Conversations with Eileen/SOLT

  1. I’m glad Tuvia is carrying on as normal. I sure wish I was doing that!

    I’m glad posting tonight was helpful to you, Bonnie. I know you guys are also in the path of this monster storm. I hope that it takes an unexpected turn out into the Atlantic and never comes back (so we can all have our power). However, I’m sure that some extra time to play your guitar by candlelight would be nice too.

    Stay safe!

  2. Woah…you got ready for this mishigas and then took in a play and dinner at the Suburban… guys are so cool! I’m cheering on the San Francisco Giants as they attempt to sweep the World Series, and then just hoping for the best. Stay safe, my friend!

  3. Like Tara, I’m amazed that you were out for a play and dinner, but glad to see that something back there is normal. Thinking about all of you as we hear such dire predictions. The weather people are having a party, I believe, at all of our expense. Best to you Bonnie!

  4. gillis

    Waiting for the winds to blow and the power to go out is a bizarre sensation, isn’t it? Here’s hoping the damage is minimal!

    • That’s what I’m doing right now. Working hard on the internet to get it in before we lose power, working against that wind out there. UGH!

  5. It is Wednesday…and I hope it okay for all….prayers. Nanc

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