Back to Normal: Conversations with Eileen

Congrats my Friend,

You have a new grandson, Max Ellington Malatras.  How about that?  Looks very cute in the Facebook pictures and Andy’s smile is broad, beaming.  Max arrived on the heels of Sandy and good thing that my handy dandy iPhone was living up to its reputation because we stayed connected to the world with that tiny screen.

To hear Andy’s voice just as we began our day without power, without cable was a blast of joy that sadly was not enough to hold back the craziness.  Nope, late that first day I needed a stiff drink to keep Tuvia from jumping out the window.

Now really, we didn’t have it bad: less than  24 hours without power and a week without internet, TV and land line… now that was hard given that the election is set for Tuesday as usual.  Back at my place the darkness lasted for the whole week and good thing I live in two places.  Mother Nature is usually kinder in Paramus 🙂

People continue to live without power, many have lost their homes and possessions so there’s no feeling sorry for myself.  Well, a little.  Maybe it’s more about feeling fortunate that everything is back to normal before Tuesday.

I am feeling good about Obama’s chances now even though Tuesday will be a hard day.  Good thing I have some work in the morning.

During this week we spent time in the Garden State Plaza powering up with the crowds of powerless. We returned to my place with  downed  wires and trees and  viewed the destruction in Hoboken with the flood water receded and clean up begins.

I am itching for a return to normal for me and everyone else.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Normal: Conversations with Eileen

  1. I, thankfully, was already in Albany when the storm hit and had to stay up for a week since we had no (and still don’t have) power. I think right now the only thing harder than looking at photos of what Sandy wrought, is the anticipation of Election Day. I will vote early in the morning and spend the whole day under a cloud of anxiety because even though I feel that Obama will win, there is always a possibility… *shudder*

  2. I know Nancy. I so agree. Let’s hope we are celebrating on Tuesday night.

  3. The lights came on at last…. a long week. But we made it through, and feel lucky – the pictures we are finally able to see of Staten Island and the Jersey shore are heartbreaking. Now for Tuesday, hoping for the best!

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