I’m breathing, Finally! : Conversations with Eileen

Hi My Friend,

Yes, I am breathing, but it’s taken me a day to step off the campaign wagon and digest the reality of Obama for another 4 years.

Just before I began the evening’s results watch with my pals at MSNB and my favorite Obama lover, I got to speak with my friend Tom, just before me stepped out of his car to head into his polling place to vote( for O, of course.)  He was terrified about a Romney win and yes, I was too, probably even more than the nights that Bush won, Regan won and Nixon won.  George I, no, I wasn’t terrified, just disappointed.

I needed a good amount of vodka with just a splash of cranberry juice to be able to sit next to Tuvia and watch the returns.  I followed Nate Silver’s blog, creating posts in real time.  But I couldn’t tweet.  I didn’t enjoy the experience until I started seeing the big blue blocks added to the pictures, especially on the ice ring at Rockefeller Center, taken over for the big night.

It’s been a long journey for us.  Before the first debate, but let’s say that’s when we almost slipped off the tightrope from our vacation in Madrid at 3 am.

But it was worth the tense journey back to breathing more peacefully.

Yes, there are problems ahead and yes, I am not a fan of Obama’s work in education, but I trust him and I believe his vision is close to mine and given that the election was great for women and great for state elections, we are seeing fewer Tea Party nuts on the political scene.

So, Barack, get to it and I will continue to enjoy you and your family in the White House.

And I am very excited that Nita Lowey is now my Congresswoman.  It’s official.  She has taken me under her juristriction.


I can’t wait to return to DC for the annual spring conference for the National Writing Project to meet with our representatives and remind them that we are still here and need their attention and their money.  No more Nan to kick us around 🙂

Wish you were here for a post election conversation.


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4 thoughts on “I’m breathing, Finally! : Conversations with Eileen

  1. Pam

    Well said friend. Now how do I get your Obama ring tone? lol

  2. Bonnie K

    Hey Pam:)
    I think I just Goggled it.. Obama sings Al Green ringtone and followed directions. lLet me know if it works.

  3. Whew…glad I kept faith with Nate Silver, he helped me deal with all the shenanigans with equanimity. Now, our friend Barack needs to get to work and deliver us some progressive change. PS. Rachel’s end of the broadcast rant last night was awesome: http://youtu.be/zRpSAKw0V48

  4. The early evening was quite worrisome, you are right! But, hurrah, I am so relieved. Good to hear your words, Bonnie.

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