So Interesting: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays on Wednesday

Morning Friend and Friends,

So sorry I’m a bit late, but I needed to wait and digest a bit.

I have been supervising student teachers since I stopped teaching full-time and I’ve had amazing student teachers and then of course, the challenges 🙂 Right now I’m in one of those challenging experiences and I am still loving it because I keep growing too.

One side bonus is the adventure of meeting and working with cooperating teachers in schools I have never visited.

My current  student teacher is in his second placement at a private school on top of a mountain overlooking the Hudson River. WOW, what a gorgeous spot and how crazy, I didn’t bring my camera.  Next time, I promise.

My student teacher is an undergrad from Korea, so English is his second language like at least  50% of the students who attend this school.  So here, all teachers have to be ESL teachers no matter what their subject.  My guy suffered through his first placement  at a traditional high school, working with an excellent teacher teaching 11th grade juniors.  Now in a school with smaller classes, working with students who are very much like him, he is still challenged.

Conclusion: teaching is tough no matter what and who you get to teach.

For me, even though one semester is too short for a student teaching experience, I love moving along with the new teachers who fall into my lap 🙂



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2 thoughts on “So Interesting: Conversations with Eileen & Slice of Life Tuesdays on Wednesday

  1. I’d love to know more about what you’re doing to help, Bonnie. I’m working with 3 interns this year in an alternative licensing program, & they’re great, but there is still quite a lot of support and conversation needed. Since you travel to be with these student teachers, it must be a bit of a challenge to give them support. Best to this new teacher!

  2. I didn’t answer your comment Linda but I will in an email. How about that?

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