A New Story Coming: Conversations with Eileen

Morning Friend,
In Paramus some snow did fall yesterday, but I’m sure there was a lot more up in your area.  Even though Tuvia was forced off the road yesterday he will be itchy to break loose soon, so I’m taking full advantage of my window of time to start a new post.

Christmas Day 2012, will fade fast of course, but I have a story cooking and with snow forcing us inside, I began to splatter my words on a computer page.  A story about Josh, remembering the  boy and amazed at the man. If you were still a phone call away, you can be sure that I’d be keeping you updated. Of course I did read the first draft to Tuvia and he  did send me back for more.

Of course, this won’t be a traditional story.  I can’t write them anymore.  Digital has stolen my heart and brain. In fact, I can’t wait to locate my photos to take me back to our early roots…

Here’s a bit of my first draft…

My One and Only Love…

When Josh Kaplan was born  on the first night of Passover, 20… his mom was thrilled to celebrate just the two of them and the rest of our family was jealous.  We all wanted a piece of this first baby to the family.  Josh carried a great deal of weight with him.  Lots of expectations when all he had to do was smile, or turn over in his crib, or take a step or reach out and grab the box that enclosed the child’s version of a steering wheel.  
That’s all he had to do… and everyone was in love….
And Marla share Josh with me… especially at 4Pm on a Monday afternoon, when I was ready for some baby love and she was ready to pass him to me…
And we bonded…  in those first months when all he had to do was give us a smile…
Of course as time passed Josh offered us more than a smile, and we had to grow with him…even if the path he chose was not a smooth one… but we were bound to him and 
I remember… We were on the drive thru line at Ellenvilles Macdonald and josh thoughtfully shared something deep You know Annie B I don’t really need school anymore, I know as much as I need to know. I just can’t deal with the fact that just because Im 10 Im treated like a kid…Why can’t I be treated like an adult?
What? and then I preceded to argue with him. big mistake…in fact…I kept arguing with him….many of us did… It took a long time for us to stop…and for Josh to listen… But just recently Josh and Tuvia and I sat together sipping coffe in the hospitals cafeteria with my mom just 2 floors above us… Suffering in her last week and we talked, discussed the issue of life with dignity…
and patient to see what would happen in time…
Of course, it’s easy for me to say… I as Annie B, could come and go at my leisure…. a Bar Mitzvah trip with Josh to California and we both arrived with our own sets of expectations. Sometimes we gelled, sometimes we didn’t and when we returned home one look at me from my waiting mom-grandma and I was spared…off duty…
Grandma- Josh time began.
When I moved out of our small town of Ellenville, even though I was never more than an hour and 15 minutes away,  I didn’t get to see Josh regularly… yes, I did show up on weekends for early morning Pj parties with cartoons of his choice… and his sister’s but I lost that direct thread…
But I want to believe that our foundation was strong…(Here’s where I need more :). and as we all watched Josh and Rasha celebrate their wedding the way they wanted it to be… it felt right, it felt beyond anything I could have envisioned or imagined for Josh…
Feel free to take a read before it changes,
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2 thoughts on “A New Story Coming: Conversations with Eileen

  1. WOW – coupled with your post below, I see the roots of a story of strength from an early age growing into an adult who is not afraid to see through the cloaks of what others see….

    • Bonnie K

      Thanks Anita for your speedy read and supportive comments. You offer a sweet push. I’m taking it.

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