Big Day Ahead: Conversations with Eileen


Morning Friend,

Big day ahead. I am here at our place in Paramus but soon, in the next hours, when  Tuvia officially  kicks off the day  and turns the house lights on we will start moving and  I am ready, so ready.  I was ready yesterday, last night but the Saturday snowfall forced me to change the usual plans. I had to wait, giving my complex more time to clean up from the storm that’s pretty much a just a fresh memory here.

For some reason I am bursting with 2013 energy to get this new year’s event going.

I know, it’s not the usual me.  I don’t remember ever getting excited about New Year’s Eve. When I was single I just wanted to sleep through the day.  But then when Tuvia and I joined forces he loved celebrating. In fact, his dream was and still remains: to join the crowd in the center of Times Square and properly welcome the New Year.  I know, CRAZY!

Me, I’m just happy to cozy up next to him: a movie(Les Mis this year), a nice home made dinner, some Grey Goose Vodka, dessert and my remote to move around the TV channels, checking in with celebrations around the world and this year, I win! No party to wait out the night, no tickets to the Lincoln Center, just us and that’s  enough for me!

After all, just one  week ago we celebrated the big family wedding event event that has inspired the start of a new digital story for me.  I’ve been writing and Face Booking about it. Josh and Rasha.  That’s the celebration I needed for this holiday season and some good news about my buddy Christine’s health.  That’s more than enough.

Maybe too, it’s been a difficult 2012.  After all, I lost you this year and my mom. Maybe I just need what I have to welcome the future.  Tuvia’s great a offering warmth and love.  That’s enough, no?


So I’m waiting for the usual signs to get this day going.  I’m waiting to pack up the Crumbs cupcakes I bought yesterday in Ridgewood, NJ.  I’m waiting to pack up my car and take my usual ride back home to Mountainview where our parking lots could be messy, still.  But I need to be home today for a long overdue guitar lesson to kick me back into practice mode, I need time in the kitchen to create a pot roast for our dinner,  I need time to fire up  a log in the fireplace and create a soft blaze.  Just a quiet celebration on the couch that and a readiness  to meet a new year.

By the way, what’s happening with that fiscal cliff and how’s my Hillary?  After all, we can’t keep the world out, right?

Thinking of you,


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2 thoughts on “Big Day Ahead: Conversations with Eileen

  1. Happy New Year, Bonnie! It sounds as if you’re going to have a terrific day. I wish you well!

  2. “Maybe I just need what I have to welcome the future.” Yes, there is peace in that thought, right?! Happy New Year my friend, and Tuvia, too!

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