Let’s Begin Another: Conversations with Eileen & SLice of Life Tuesdays

Happy New Year my  Friend and Slicers,

I am ready for a workout, getting comfortable with 2013 by writing a batch of checks to pay for 2012 bills and soon, once the W2’s start flowing in Tuvia will be on my back to get my income tax materials prepared.  He is ready, believe me.

But for this first morning on 2013 I can just be here in my cocoon with the TV singing background news updates and the dryer humming and I am guilt free to just write my slice.  Sure, I’m wondering what I do next, exercise, guitar, new digital piece.  I remind myself that I have to slow down and take in one thing at a time and maybe not stay too long in front of the screen.  I am truly addicted, you?

Don’t think my window will last forever.  Tuvia is back home arranging his first day 0f 2013 but soon he will be ready for the next activity and even though I could stay here on this condo, in my cocoon, he won’t let me.

NYC for lunch and a walk and a great chance for some new photos. Really, can I say no?  NO!

So Day one of 2013, without that full bag filled with ungraded papers I don’t have to feel guilty, well that’s not totally true.  Interesting, I gave up the school list of things for another one.  Believe me, my current list will be not finished when that phone call rings to take me away, but it is easier to shut the door and leave everything for later.

It’s January 1st and I’m looking forward to SOLC 2013 coming in March…


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9 thoughts on “Let’s Begin Another: Conversations with Eileen & SLice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Love the idea of a cocoon, my daughter and I dub certain days “pajama days” filled with comfort and coziness. I, too, am addicted, but alas, it’s time to face my ungraded papers!

  2. I’m opting for cozy today, too. That’s a wonderful way to welcome in the new year…even though I still have bags of papers to get through by tomorrow!

  3. Although my family company left early this am & I will miss them, I am ready for cocooning today, cleaning a bit & catching up on paperwork. I have a folder stuffed that says “file”. No papers to grade, but they will come. Happy New Year, Bonnie, & have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m with you! Cocoon! A warm house, a cup of coffee, a great book to finish! Sounds perfect!

  5. Time alone is something to savor, even though you love being with others. I hope you had a great start to this new year.

  6. In the end NYC was not happening. The weather was just not for walking in the Village, so home sweet home.

  7. Have an excellent year, and make sure to pencil in lots of cocoon days!

  8. That’s right. The SOLSC is coming in March. That means I need to get on the ball and get some prizes rounded up!

  9. Yes, BREATHE, seems perfect for you. 🙂

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